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6 Male Celebs With The Most Unique Style 》

Having fame, fortune  and being in the public eye as a celebrity comes with a lot of attention focused on fashion and personal style. Both female and male celebs alike are chronicled by the media, detailing nearly every fashion choice they make for important industry events and red carpet appearances. The male actors who are currently considered to have the best style range from actors to musicians, and have quite versatile tastes and unique fashion sense. With the pressure that comes with being in the spotlight as a Hollywood star, these male celebs are proof that with the right fashion sense, charm and appeal, pressure definitely creates diamonds. As trendsetters for Hollywood and fans alike, these men are breaking rules and pushing the envelope of what is considered fashion forward and stylish menswear. To see the best male stars who are both talented and well-dressed, check out these 6 male celebs with the most unique style. 

Andrew Scott

Well known BBC actor Andrew Scott has established himself as a serious actor, and a bit of a fashion icon as well. The 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards further thrust him into the fashion good graces his fans, when he attended in a swanky red suit with a hot pink silk shirt. 

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