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IKEA Revealed The Secret Swedish Meatballs Recipe 》

We’re all stuck at home because of the global pandemic and while we know it’s for good reason and we’re all trying to flatten the curve, we can’t help but be bored and miss some of the things we were easily able to do just a month ago. One of the most popular questions floating all over the internet is “what’s the first thing you’ll do once the quarantine is over and life returns to normal?”. Those on strict lockdown dream of just taking a long walk in the park, others are itching to travel, but an overwhelming majority of us misses having a good cup of coffee and our favourite dishes from our beloved cafes and restaurants. And it looks like IKEA is onto it.

The UK branch of IKEA has dropped a massive surprise on Twitter. They’ve released the recipe for the classic IKEA meatballs complete with a step by step illustrated guide, just like you’d expect for their furniture.

They know that we’re all missing our favourite IKEA meatballs and they’ve decided that since we’re on lockdown we can all attempt to make these at home as a treat. The recipe card reveals that it’s actually a surprisingly easy dish to make. You only need 7 main ingredients which include minced beef and pork, onions, garlic, breadcrumbs, egg and milk and a dash of salt and pepper for seasoning. All you do is essentially mix, form into balls, refrigerate to help the meatballs keep shape, brown on a frying pan and then bake in the oven to cook through. It’s that easy.

But don’t worry, IKEA doesn’t expect you to eat your meatballs dry, they’ve helpfully given us the recipe for the cream sauce too. That also requires only 8 ingredients like oil, butter, flour, vegetable and beef stalk, double cream, soy sauce and dijon mustard. All you do is mix stuff together in a pot and simmer it until it thickens to the right consistency.

All you need to recreate the classic IKEA dish is make some mash potatoes or boil some mini potatoes (we’re pretty sure you can figure that out on your own), and your classic IKEA order is done. You can now enjoy this yummy treat at home and it wasn’t even that difficult to make and the ingredients are nothing special too. This makes us think that the old saying is true – the secret ingredient is always love.

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