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The Tough Truth About Plus-Size Models In The Biz 》

Although plus-size models are now officially part of the whole fashion game, their lives are still filled with working challenges they don’t normally discuss. We all know that the beauty standards of the fashion world are changing as we speak, becoming more and more realistic, still, it’s a challenging environment for normal-sized and bigger women. Here are a few tough truths no one told you about being a plus-size model in the biz.

Plus-size models are invited to various commercial photo-shoots all the time but rarely do they get a chance to walk the runway. Most of the fashion brands are still not ready to include them in their shows. 

Plus-size women are still getting objectified in the fashion
biz. Most of the time they get invited to do swimsuit or lingerie photoshoots
to reveal their curves. Designers rarely want to dress them up in beautiful
clothes to showcase their figures.

If they do get invited to advertise some clothes, usually
those looks would hide their curvaceous figures instead of emphasizing the
beauty of being a plus-sized woman. It is especially disappointing for these
models as they’ve learned to accept and love their bodies and want to be
treated just like all other models.

There are hundreds of stereotypes plus-size models face every
day. Some people even believe these women get paid to gain extra weight! But if
you look at the social media of plus-size models you’ll see that most of them
promote self-love, healthy lifestyle, and hit the gym on a regular basis!

Most people have no idea that there are strict beauty
standards in the biz concerning the bodies of plus-size models. Extra weight
can’t be just anywhere, there are specific spots where extra weight is allowed.
Their whole figure should remind an hourglass, and it doesn’t matter what their
initial body shape was!

When people see a plus-size woman hit the gym they immediately think that she hates her body and wants to shed some pounds. In reality, these women go to the gym because they love their bodies and just want them to be fit and healthy. Getting fit makes them more confident just like anyone else.

Many women complain that even the term itself ‘plus-size
model’ is restraining and sets them apart from all other models. Sizes and
numbers shouldn’t be the first thing people think of when they see a
normal-sized or a plus-sized model – they are just professional models and
that’s what matters the most.

Plus-size models fight for the right of being themselves and looking the way they feel comfortable every day. While many people have learned to accept them for who they are and appreciate their beauty, there is still a lot of criticism going on, especially in social media. Models admit that they get most hate from other women. They are the ones who leave the most offensive comments!

No matter how successful a plus-size model is, she will still
be pointed at her extra weight and advised to shed some pounds. It is very hard
to stay confident and believe in yourself when you’re facing stereotypes like
this all the time, yet plus-size models have learned to not let other people
affect their happiness and self-esteem. Luckily they have the support of
thousands of fans!

Unfortunately, many people still don’t take plus-size models seriously. More often than not photographers would advise them to just smile and look happy during a photoshoot instead of letting them pose the way other professional models do. It’s hard for them to accept that plus-size women can also be confident about the way they look even wearing a body-hugging dress! They are beautiful and tempting and people should show these women more respect.

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