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Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Her Beauty

pace of our lives has become very fast over the last few decades, so
naturally relationships have changed as well. There is less time for
social and romantic foreplay – people quickly fall for each other
and get together due to intense chemistry. But when the passion calms
down a bit, they find out they don’t really know much about their
partner, and the whole relationship crumbles even faster than it
appeared. In order to avoid that, you need to pay close attention to
the way you are feeling about how the things are going between you
and your loved one. If you aren’t feeling too comfortable, you
might want to slow down. Here are 10 signs your relationship is
moving too fast.

don’t have serious discussions

a certain stage of relationship you start opening up to the other
person and having those serious talks about religion, family, your
past, lifestyle preferences, having kids, etc. Having those talks
means you’ve reached a certain level of maturity in your
relationship and all is going well. If you aren’t having those
kinds of discussions, it means your relationship is still in the baby
stage and you shouldn’t do anything rash like moving in together or
planning a family.

Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Her Beauty

crave time for yourself

relationships can be overwhelming, but usually we enjoy all those new
emotions and changes come into our lives. Nevertheless, if you’re
feeling that you miss those single days when you could binge watch
of Thrones

and simply have some time for yourself, it’s a sure sign your
relationship is moving too quickly and you need to slow things down.
You need to have some personal time and space, otherwise your
relationship will end very quickly.

Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Her Beauty

all about chemistry

you actually involved in each other’s lives? When the chemistry
settles down and the hormones become less crazy, you might find
yourself with a person you don’t really know. Slow down and take
some time exploring each other’s personalities.

Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Her Beauty

friends aren’t sure about your new bae

besties have seen you going through some rough patches and they have
always been there for you. They also know when you are beyond happy,
that’s why when they’re telling you something is wrong about this
guy – you should listen! See what they have to say. If you’re
moving too fast, they will definitely tell you.

 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Her Beauty

don’t meet with your friends and family

we are in love or not, it’s really important to maintain
relationships with the people that are dear to us. If you’ve
stopped meeting with your parents and have ditched your friends on
more than one occasion, it’s time to stop and take a look at your
new love affair. If it’s taking all of your time leaving nothing
for other meaningful connections, it might be time to slow down a

Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Her Beauty

already met his parents

no specific timeline as to when you should meet his parents and
friends, but we can all agree that the later, the better. First you
need to get comfortable as a couple to make sure you can both handle
the pressure. But if you’ve been dating for a month and you’ve
already met his parents, friends, and his friends’ parents, it is a
sure sign you’re taking things too fast. Passion may calm down soon
and you’ll find yourself entangled in the life of another person.
It’ll be hard to get out of that!

Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Her Beauty

change your whole life to be with him

okay to make some changes and adjustments in order to make your
relationship work. But if you’ve changed your whole schedule and
started skipping your usual routines just to meet him, it will only
cause you stress in the end. Compromises need to be made on both
sides, so make sure you are not the only one making all the
adjustments. In the end of the day you want to have your own life and
for him to have his own things, too. You aren’t glued to each other
and it’s okay to spend time apart or doing things alone.

Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Her Beauty

talk about marriage before living together

might both be keen on moving things forward fast because it just
feels right, but it’s always best to take things slow when it comes
to serious arrangements like that. Move in, live together for some
time to see just how compatible you are with each other, and then
start talking about more serious matters. If you find yourself making
plans for the wedding before you even moved in together, take a deep
breath and re-evaluate the whole thing.

 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Her Beauty

afraid he’d get bored

seeing each other so often that you actually start thinking it might
be too much and he’ll get bored with you. This happens only when
you’re moving too fast, trying to meet as much as possible and
texting each other every free second of your lives. Well, that might
work for some couples, but the general rule is – take some time
off, create some space to start missing each other, and it will do
wonders for your relationship.

 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Her Beauty

just got out of a relationship

This one is tricky because there is no set timeline as to how much time should pass before you engage in another relationship. But one thing we can tell for sure – you can’t rush things! If you’ve just experienced a break-up you need time for yourself to really understand the experience and the lessons it has taught you. Your emotional state is also still out of balance, so it is easy to get really hurt if the person you’ve fallen for decides to call it quits. You need to take things as slow as possible if you want to build a healthy and happy relationship with your new boyfriend.

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