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Graphic Eyeliner Makeup Ideas for Summer 》

If you haven’t heard about the graphic eyeliner makeup trend, you’re truly missing out on the best of summer makeup in 2020. Some artists call it the “floating crease” while others refer to it as simply a bold line of eyeliner – it can be interpreted in tons of creative ways, which is why we adore it. The look is often modern, fresh and minimal; it was used frequently in the HBO show Euphoria starring Zendaya.

It’s a beautiful alternative to heavily blended looks and layered colors – just draw a line between your lash line and your brow. So much of Instagram is people being extra with their makeup looks, and this look lets you maintain a neutral look while still playing with little pops of colors.

1. We love this experimentation with sparkling shadow on the outer corners and crease. It’s appropriate for a party, a dinner, or a date. It’s a version of the 1980s glam without taking over your entire face.

2. Slime green eyeshadow isn’t often a popular look – can anyone besides Cardi B pull that style off? The answer is yes, wit the right graphic eyeliner cut crease.. Play with the length of your tail on this neon look, which is perfect for a range of skin tones.

3. We’re obsessed with this floating crease version of a cat eye. It looks less dated and more contemporary, with detailed feathering and bold mascara pairing. That line detailing inside might take some practice, but you can always swap it for a smudge detail instead.

4. We love this bald-headed queen and her blending skills, which have inspired us for the rest of the season. Blended out your crease with matching eyeshadow for a diffused effect that will make you look like a real-life angel.

5. Add three cute dots to a neutral toned eyeshadow look if you want to stand out from the crowd. These dots are delicate but fit into the graphic category with ease. The look is subtle enough to wear in the workplace.

6. This two-toned red and black look is giving us devilish vibes, and we love it – especially when paired with such a cleaned up brow. You can opt for just black if you so desire, but we love how the pop of red hugs and outlines both black lines. Make sure you don’t smudge here.

7. This passion red look is pretty much doable year-round. Red liquid liner lines the top of the lash line, following the shape of the eye. Be afraid to make the line thick, but when you wing it out, keep the upper line a bit thinner.

8. Who doesn’t need a little bit of rainbow in their lives? Whether you’re showing support for Pride 2020 or you just want to look like a beautiful unicorn, this multihued look is a way to brighten up your eye makeup looks without covering your whole eyelid in an overwhelming shadow.

9. A three-toned eyeliner look sounds too extra in theory, but we’re in love with the execution in this look. The canary yellow and ocean blue are merged by a swooping black wing that hugs half of the upper eyelid. Add mascara to lengthen those lashes and maximize this look. Pair it with a nude lip and a sassy manicure like this model has for a fool-proof summer look.

10. A fun interpretation of the graphic liner that we love is the pop of color on the inner, lower eyelid, with an otherwise barefaced look. The coral tone this model chose is a fantastic color option, but you can also play with pastels or jewel tones.

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