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Shocking Photos of Exhausted COVID-19 Doctors 》

Doctors, nurses, and all healthcare professionals are dealing with an extremely difficult pandemic right now. It’s taking over our world, and it’s all people can talk about lately. Most of us are lucky to be comfortable at home, but anyone working in a hospital or clinic doesn’t have that. They’re the most vulnerable to this devastating sickness, and they deserve all of our respect and accolades. If you really want to help these exhausted heroes out, follow these rules:  stay home, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face!

1. This poor ICU worker has bruises from where his goggle marks are, as he’s been wearing them for over 13 hours. Most surgeons and other doctors working during the COVID-19 pandemic suffer from the same facial marks. They’re the marks of hard work and dedication. 

2. This lovely lady is  still in her scrubs – we wonder when the last time she went home was. She still has a smile on her face, showing the radiant and invincible  positive energy that many healthcare workers still hold onto in this terrifying and tumultuous time. Keep going, sister, you got this!

3. This gal is lying her head down somewhere, and looks exhausted. She’s been a critical care nurse for over a decade, but this is the first time she’s seen the healthcare system be overwhelmed in this way. Her caption is heartbreaking, discussing the various dying people she supported on the job, amongst a million other things.

4. A bandaid was necessary for the protective gear marks left on this worker’s face. However, she worked through it all and put a bandaid on the bridge of her nose. To be honest, it just brings focus to the super cute nose ring on this role model. 

5. This blond just finished swabbing people who showed symptoms of coronavirus at an Ohio texting site. She worked for 12 hours, swabbing over 600 people. If a long day at the office sounds bad to you, it probably sounds like heaven to this woman.

6. Why does this anesthesiologist have a plastic bag over his head? Because his hospital is running out of personal protective equipment. For this reason, he’s forced to add an oxygen tube to a plastic bag., and all PPE is being used just for COVID-19 cases but is still running out. Cloth masks just won’t cut it.

7. These images are necessary for us to see. They’re a reminder that we’re in crisis, and not everyone has the luxury of a home office.  These workers are the unsung heroes of this crisis, and they need to be treated as such by the entire world. 

8. Nurses are calling these marks “battle wounds” and are calling hospitals war zones. These fighters are working at the front lines, putting their loved ones at risk. Some healthcare professionals are forced to cancel their weddings and other big events because they are front line staff.

9. People might be complaining about going on public transit, or not being able to go shopping. But imagine how these professionals feel – they’re not any different from us. They have families, and are facing a shortage of supplies and equipment. The mayor himself said NYC was at risk for a massive shortage of ventilators, which is a scary thing.

10. The most at-risk demographic during this time is seniors. Older people are being told to go home, but this brave 71-year-old is an inspirational mom who was screening patients till midnight. Safety of others is her priority, and we appreciate her sacrifice to no end.

11. This worker doesn’t like being in the spotlight, so his wife posted this not-all-heroes-wear-capes moment. While others go into their home-based sanctuaries, her spouse will have to make “devastating and heartbreaking decisions.” This was a call to all of social media to show support, even for those who work in the background, within attention and public praise.

12. This bruised, and let’s be honest, hunk of a doctor explained the pain that healthcare professionals face from the protective equipment, or lack of. The straps give them headaches, all-over face pain, and more. Oh and remember, they can’t touch their face till they are out of scrubs, so definitely don’t touch yours.

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