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10 Things Girls Do That Annoy Guys in A Relationship 》

We all love everything about our boyfriends – but at some times, little things can get on our nerves. Well, the same goes for him! Girls are no angels and often commit little annoyances that they might not be aware of, but their man sure is!



She can’t pick a restaurant and deciding what cuisine to pick is more of a headache than a fun decision. She takes hours to choose a place, but still makes her boyfriend give his input, even though it’s her way or the highway when it comes to takeout.



Picking up his clothes off the floor. You might think you’re doing a favor by picking up his dirt laundry but little do you know, it gets on his nerves. Well, that makes it a tie, because him leaving dirty stuff around is equally frustrating!


She always falls asleep during movies. This is endearing sometimes, but when it seems like your lady always falls asleep before the halfway point in the movie, it can get a little annoying. If he knew that, he would have picked an action film over a chick flick!



Asking him to be more romantic. Sometimes guys interpret this as us being critical and judgy, as well as unappreciative of their current efforts. When women bring up the idea of being more romantic, they need to tread very lightly and carefully.


Bringing up important, serious topics late at night. This is not the time to start a debate – he’s tired, about to sleep, and his mind is pretty much shut off. After work or a Saturday morning might be a smarter time to bring this up so that you don’t get snapped at!



Planning things too far ahead of time. Every guy loves a spontaneous girl, but as women, we love to plan, plan, plan! When you bring up that visit to his grandma’s place in a couple of months, he brings it up like it’s years into the future.


Saying everything is fine when they’re really mad or about to explode. Almost every girl has experienced this at least once. We want them to read our minds, but obviously, no one can do that. Guys prefer clear communication and honesty instead.


Asking if they look fat or always asking for opinions on clothes. Your man will always say you’re a beautiful goddess, even with the flu or mid PMS. And he doesn’t care about the difference between patent and matte leather in those jeans you’ve been eyeing!



She wants to know who just texted him, and/or acts suspicious whenever he gets pinged. Both men and women want space and privacy, and this is an intrusion of both of those things. If you’re constantly checking up on someone, the trust can’t be strong.


She posts everything about the relationship on social media. Guys like privacy in a relationship – those are intimate moments. They might share something once in a while, but don’t want people knowing their business, especially with their special lady!

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