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Here’s Their 12 Cutest Moments 》

After dating for almost five years and keeping us all in suspense, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are finally engaged. We didn’t know if these two would ever end up tying the knot, especially after they’ve been stuck together during quarantine.

1. They both experienced public, intense divorces together and it’s what bonded them. How cute that they fell in love over their imperfections, and created a support system for each other in a time of need.

2. Gwen told Ryan Seacrest back in 2015 that she thought he was hot, but also that she thought it was insane they were going through such similar moments in their life at the same time. This is where the rumors (and their love story) started!

3. There’s something that sounded familiar in that engagement caption. Maybe that’s because Blake’s already said that Gwen saved his life when he was “at rock bottom, in the middle of hell” because no one else could relate having such a publicized divorce from another famous musician.

4. On Jimmy Kimmel in August, Gwen talked about how amazing being in the true nature of Oklahoma was, versus the beaches of Orange county. She loved the “ranch vibe” which is something she’s never experienced before.

5. These two have flirted with the idea of marriage in many interviews — it almost seemed like a game between them. When Gwen was on Ellen and asked about making Blake her potential future hubby, she exclaimed that she loved weddings, the kids loved him, and she loved him, along with everybody else! She revealed she thought about it all the time — that’s a real foreshadowing moment if you fast forward to now.

6. That time when Blake Shelton was named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. Stefani thought it was hilarious when he called her and let her know, revealing that the county star hates doing any type of photoshoots. Well, we’d say he didn’t do too bad.

7. When Gwen revealed to Instyle that her style was more feminine that it had been in the past, and it’s because she was enjoying being with a “manly man” who’s taught her to embrace her sensual side. She says she never thought of herself as hot throughout her tomboy days, but we still love her No Doubt outfits the most.

8. It’s always cute when bae turns into a fanboy promotes you on their social media and that’s exactly what Blake Shelton did when he took to Twitter in the summer of 2018. He recommended to his fans that they see Stefani’s Vegas show if tickets were still available, discussing how watching Gwen rehearsals reminded him how he’s still consistently shocked by the “amount of GIANT hits this girl has written.” Aw!

9. He knew she was something special when the two confessed their relationship troubles and impending divorces to each other. When he told her, she started crying, and rather than giving a corny pep talk, related to her own experience which was much more powerful. Sometimes you just need someone to be bummed out with you!

10. We’re not sure if she wants us to remember this, but we’ll always have that time that Gwen called him a magical unicorn in a SiriusXM interview on Andy Cohen live. What she meant of course is that people are naturally drawn to him due to his talent and stage presence, but the idea of that burly man as a unicorn gave us a chuckle.

11. Blake couldn’t help but gush about his love to Kathie Lee and Hoda, saying “she is the greatest” multiple times! It’s clear that just thinking about her gives him the butterflies and makes him flustered with these hilarious gossip queens of television.

12. That time that he celebrated Gwen’s son’s birthday party with Gwen. The party for Apollo Rossdale was Scooby Doo themed, because why not? With Gwen in a red week, we’re assuming that she was Daphne, while Blake wore a blonde wig as Shaggy. Gwennie slayed it but really Blake, couldn’t you have gotten a better wig and a shirt that wasn’t showing off the Under Armour logo?

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