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Fresh up your look | 10 Reasons to Go Back to Your Natural Hair Color | Her Beauty

you’re bored of your hair color and want to try something new. But
after a few experimental looks, you might want to ditch the dye and
show your natural shade some love. Here are the top reasons to go
back to your roots.

Because unicorn or “rose gold” hair might be trending for a few
weeks on Instagram, but once the fad is out, you’ll be left wanting
to constantly freshen up your look.

Because not dying your hair and nourishing your natural locks strips
it of much needed natural sebum and can damage it immensely.

And because that damage can’t be undone. If you’ve never dyed
your hair before, consider this a cautionary tale, because once
chemicals absorb into your hair, you can’t go back in time, no
matter how many recovery masks you apply in the shower.

Because your natural color is beautiful, and dying your hair strips
of its natural color. Save that OG color, babes!

Because there are so many alternates that don’t damage your hair.
For instance, bleach blond and bright red are high maintenance, but
extensions, wigs, and strands of fake hair, along with non permanent
dyes can help you fake it with ease.

Because upkeep for dyed hair is so intense! From purple shampoos to
special color maintaining conditioners, wouldn’t you rather spend
your money on products that nourish your hair’s natural goodness?

You were born with it and it’s totally unique to you, so it suits you
better than any artificial color you could try out.

With your natural hair, you know it like you know yourself. You know
what works and doesn’t work. With a new hair color, your hair might
face untamable frizz, bad roots, and cheap looking faded colors
because you’re going against nature.

Save your time and spend it doing activities you actually want rather
than poisoning your hair and wallet on a monthly basis. It’s nice
to have the luxury of a wash cut and style every once in a while, but
don’t overdo it and get attached.

10. Because if you keep dyeing, dyeing, and dyeing, your hair will… die. Yup, you might suffer permanent loss if you bleach or dye your hair, as it’s basically stripping your natural color and prepping follicles to be traumatized. Keep it natural and you won’t go bald!

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