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7 Max Ehrich Facts You Need To Know 》

If you dont know who Max Ehrich is yet, you clearly haven’t been following Demi Lovato lately. Max is all you see when you google “Demi Lovato Boyfriend”. He’s an up and coming actor, singer, and Demi Lovato‘s new boyfriend and potentially even more. Max might not be a superstar yet, but it looks like he’s on his way, he’s already been nominated for Emmys and he’s got over a million followers on Instagram. Sure, that’s not quite up to par with Demi’s 85 million, but you gotta start somewhere. So here are a few facts about Max Ehrich that you might find interesting.

1. Max Ehrich Was Nominated For 4 Emmys

If you recognize him from somewhere it’s probably from his role on the Young and the Restless, which is an american soap opera that’s been going since the 70s. It’s been on air and has been everyone’s favourite daytime drama for almost thirty years now. It’s on season 46 and still going strong. Max played Fenmore Baldwin on that show for 4 years and has been nominated for a daytime Emmy in the category Outstanding Younger Actor in Drama Series for that role each year.

2. Max Ehrich Was On iCarly

If you were ever a huge iCarly fan that you might remember seeing Max on that show too. He was only in one episode, but he did play Carly’s love interest in it, so you know, that seems like a good deal for a one-time appearance on the show. It’s kind of a big deal and kind of a memorable moment, don’t you think?


3. Max Ehrich Is A Great Dancer

He’s been in a few episodes of Shake it Up, yeah that show with Zendaya and Bella Thorn and he was the principal dancer on everyone’s favourite musical – High School Musical 3. What does this tell us? That Max definitely has the moves when it comes to dancing.

4. Max Ehrich Is A Singer Too

Is there anything this guy can’t do? I mean, seriously, he’s a triple threat, he can act, dance and sing and not only that but he actually writes songs too and he’s even mentioned that he’s got something exciting in the works coming soon. Is he going to release a single? Or do you think he’s working on an album? Will he write a song for Demi?


5. Demi Lovato’s New Boyfriend

Speaking of Demi Lovato, it’s unclear who the two have met, but they probably have friends in common since both of them have a Disney Channel past. What we do know is that this relationship might only be a couple of months old, but it’s getting serious. Demi doesn’t just mention her boyfriends unless she’s serious about them, and she’s been sharing photos of them together on Instagram and saying how much she loves Max. They’ve only been dating since spring and they’re quarantining together. There are even rumors that they might be getting married once this virus thing is over.

6. Max Has Been A Demi Fan

It’s true that Max and Demi haven’t been dating for long, and everyone is kind of surprised at how quickly their relationship is developing and how happy they seem together. But what few people know is that Max has been quite smitten with Demi for a while. There’s a tween he posted back in 2011 that says “All I wanted for Christmas was Demi Lovato. #cantalwaysgetwhatyouwant….”. Has someone been pining for almost a decade and finally got their wish?


7. Max Has A Killer Body

Max clearly works out and works on his body, that dancing probably comes in handy too. He’s in great shape and he’s not shy about it, in fact he often shows his body off in his Instagram pictures, a lot of which are of him shirtless. Yumm! What can we say, Demi’s a lucky girl.

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