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10 Bad Dating Behaviors You Grow Out Of 》

We all do some silly things when we first start dating. It’s like a right of passage for many girls to first be too clingy, then appear completely disinterested and distant, being jealous of everyone, etc. The good news is that the older we get – the smarter we become. We learn on our mistakes and become stronger, smarter, more confident and just basically bad-ass women. So we thought it would be fun to go through a list of bad dating behaviors we usually grow out of. If you’ve already grown out of these – good for you, read it and glow with superiority. If you haven’t – this can be a helpful list of things not to do, you know, mistakes to avoid.



1. Being A Chameleon
Lots of us do this when we first start dating. We try to appeal to whomever it is we want to ask us out on a date. If they’re into sports, we’ll pretend we like sports. If they’re into hip hop music – we’ll pretend to be interested, even though deep down we know we’re into pop and rock. I’m not saying we can’t be into multiple things, of course. But stop playing up certain parts of your personality to make someone interested. The best way to see if they really like you is to be yourself.



2. Being Impressed With Everything
Remember how you used to think being hot, fit and manly was all a guy needed to be a great boyfriend. Well, as years go by it turns out he also needs to have a sense of humor, an actual personality and some opinions on life other than ‘football is cool!’.

3. Double Texting
Texting a guy, and if he doesn’t answer you text him again – that is such a rookie mistake. You don’t do it anymore, do you? He’s received your message, you know he has. Even if he doesn’t have “read notifications” on you still see that he got it. Leave it there. It’s his turn to text.



4. Fixing Him
Many of us are guilty of this. It’s like we just can’t help ourselves. It’s almost like we are more attracted to guys who have a flaw we’re sure we can fix. Yeah, that never really works. You can’t fix a person, or change them, unless they do it themselves. It’s much more fun dating people that don’t need fixing.

5. Over Sharing With Friends
Spilling the beans about your relationship to your friends was popular in high-school. Everyone wants to know absolutely everything about your boyfriend and your relationship. Well it stops being cute and starts being really creepy once you grow up. It’s your personal life and it should stay that way. I’m not saying you can’t ask for advice on occasion, but it doesn’t mean you have to take that advice or overshare.



6. Mistaking Flirting For Genuine Interest
It used to be that if a guy flirts with you, it must mean he wants to date you. Here’s a newsflash – flirting can just be flirting and nothing more. It’s fun that’s all. Unless a guy actually asks you out on a date, there’s no use building your dream future in your head, just because he’s flirty. For all you know, he could flirt with everyone.

7. Building Your Worth Around What He Says
If he says you’re amazing and incredible and makes you feel like you’re the bomb – that’s great. But it doesn’t mean that you’re all those thing just because he noticed it. You’ve been all those things all along. Your self worth doesn’t depend on a guy.

8. Feeling Self Conscious During Sex
This is another one of those things you learn with age. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like your tummy or think your thighs look big in certain positions. Chances are if he wants to sleep with you – he likes what you look like. There’s no need to worry about anything other than having a good time.



9. Being Perfect To Make Him Commit
Here’s a shocker – nobody’s perfect. You don’t have to be on your best behavior at all times, and always be available for calls, dates and hangout sessions to get a guy to commit to you. In fact, a lot of the time guys like it when girls aren’t too clingy, and have their own life and things to do. So be yourself and if he’s the right guy – it’ll work out.

10. Fighting Off Compliments
I don’t know where and when this started, but it’s a thing a lot of us are guilty of doing. A guy says “I like your dress” and we find a way to be little that compliment and say it was on sale and we’re not even sure about it. He says “I like your hair/eyes/smile” and we find a million reasons why we hate it. What’s the point? Just learn to accept compliments and say thank you instead. No one will think you’re stuck-up. Confidence is sexy.

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