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10 Ways To Build Self-Confidence 》

Being confident isn’t just integral to your career and dating. It’s the key to fully knowing who you are and being comfortable with yourself. But confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Here are some pointers that can help you out.



1. Employ positive self-talk. Looking in the mirror and repeat: “I am strong, I am beautiful, I am smart, I am powerful.” Everyone needs their own pep talk and cheerleader team sometime, so why not provide it for yourself?



2. Go to a networking event. Talk about your expertise and instead of trying to sell yourself to others and focus on receiving validation, why not just try to help people you meet? Helping others and acts of kindness does wonders for yourself, and creates a sense of calm confidence.


3. Celebrate all wins, no matter if they’re big or small. These small acknowledgements of success and giving yourself credit will vastly improve self confidence and your self-perception, without creating an inflated ego.



4. Go to the gym. This might seen random, but working out is proven to have physiological results that multiply endorphins, and increase sense of well being and self-esteem.


5. Stand up for yourself and don’t diminish your own ideas, whether that’s in relationships or the office. If someone else says a goal is stupid or not worth it, don’t let them join that mean little voice in your head that puts you down. Have faith in yourself and trust your gut, not your doubts or other people.



6. Ask your crush out. Asking out someone when you’re single can boost your confidence. Even if you get rejected, the fact that you were decisive and made a conscious effort will still boost your self-esteem.


7. Work on your inner dialogue when facing a crisis, tough time, or challenge in your life. Those uphill moments and the dialogue you have with yourself can make a really big difference. Change the recourse from negative to positive by asking yourself helpful, authentic questions.


8. Throw out the rules once in a while. Rules can keep us safe and healthy to an extent, but some outdated should and shouldn’t limit behavior and thinking – feeling free can be a big part of feeling confident and help you make exciting decisions.



9. If someone says something that makes you feel small or put down, let them know. Even if they may be joking and have good intentions, standing up for yourself and letting someone know that it’s not ok to say something you perceive as negative can change their perception of you, and your perception of yourself.


10. Feeling fear can be a stepping stone to confidence. Fear means that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and are going to stretch yourself, ultimately growing your confidence. Don’t run away from seemingly scary moments, run towards them and propel yourself forward.

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