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9 Awesome Spring Must Haves That Will Brighten Your Mood! 》

It’s the middle of winter, the weather isn’t great, it’s cold and windy and we don’t even have the holidays to look forward to anymore. You have two options: to sit and mope around until spring or to start planning ahead. And by planning ahead we mean shopping for some awesome Spring outfits while all the new collections are coming out and everything is in stock. Don’t be fooled by seasons, it might be winter outside, but lots of online shops are already fully stocked with spring fashion just waiting for you to pick your favourites. So let’s take a look at some spring must-haves for this year.



1. Faux Fur Jacket
It’ll keep you warm in the days leading up to spring and will make you feel cozy on those first chilly spring nights, plus it’s guaranteed to snazz up any spring outfit. You’ll definitely look and, more importantly, feel like a rockstar wearing this gem over a light spring dress.



2. Double Breasted Coat
Every fashion-conscious person needs a double breasted coat, especially one in a trendy heritage plaid pattern. It’s a great coat that can finish off a classic business look and yet look fresh and interesting with a street style outfit. A definite must have.

3. Statement Coat
If you like to make a statement when you walk into a room, and you enjoy people doing a double take when you walk down the street – you need to get yourself a statement coat and this yellow one is just perfect for that. It’s just the perfect little ray of sunshine you need for spring.

4. Stripy Dress
A nice stripy dress is all you need for a warm spring day. It’s light in texture, form flattering thanks to the faux wrap that creates a nice hourglass silhouette, and elongating thanks to the vertical stripe pattern. Basically it’s a perfect dress and how come you haven’t got yourself one yet? It’s time to change that.



5. Floral Puff Sleeve Dress
What can be more appropriate for spring than a sheer floral dress? And this one is even better cause not only is it all floral and girly, but it’s also got studded neckline and a sheer back panel that makes it a little bit punk. A win-win for all.

6. Steve Madden Heels
When it comes to heels – Steve Madden is king. I mean have you ever seen anything more gorgeous than this daisie pointy-toe pump? And if floral shoes are a bit much for you, don’t worry, there’s lots of other colors and patterns to pick from. Like these rose-gold ones or perhaps a classic red pair?

7. Cat or Dog Bag
Why not add a bit of whimsy to your outfit. These adorable pink and blue dog face handbags will brighten up any outfit and are bound to add a smile to your face and a spring in your step. If you want something more subtle but still with an air of whimsy – go for the black cat face bag.



8. Floral Dr Martens
If you prefer flats of platforms – Dr Martens are amazing. They’re virtually unkillable, so they will last you forever, and they come in lots of different colors and patterns, like these floral ones. Or you can always go for classic black or cherry ones.

9. Colorful Pastel Cross Body Bag
A cross-body bag is the most convenient bag of all, and it’ll definitely come in handy during spring time. Wouldn’t you be rather carrying handfuls of flowers in your hands than a bag? Or perhaps a fresh cup of coffee or a smoothie? Exactly! So go ahead and buy yourself a lovely pastel cross body bag.

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