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12 Best Celebrity Tik Toks Released During The Quarantine So Far 》

Most celebrities have no
work right now because all movie shoots and tours have been put on pause and
everyone is stuck at home, self-isolating. So what do you do when you’re stuck
at home? Turn to social media. We’ve seen Instagram lives from our favourite
celebs, we’ve seen them become more active on twitter. We’ve seen Late Night TV
shows broadcasted from the comfort of everyone’s home via Facetime, Skype Zoom
and the magic of editing. But now the celebs are turning to TikTok. Let’s take
a look at some of the best celebrity Tik Toks released during the quarantine so
far. We’re sure there will be even more soon.

1. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner and Joe
Jonas started out the quarantine slowly going mad on their couch but now they’ve
found a distraction. It seems like LEGO is their obsession these days. Look,
they’ve built a LEGO Hogwarts already and if you look through Joe’s TikTok
you’ll see they’ve got Platform 9 ¾ too.



♬ Harry Potter Theme Song – Ost

2. Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale

Vanessa Hudgens and
Ashley Tisdale giving us High School Musical flashbacks by singing “We’re All
In This Together” is exactly what we need in the time of a worldwide pandemic.
That glass of wine Vanessa is pouring looks good too, give me some of that.

@vanessahudgens ♬ original sound – ashbash2425

3. Ashley Benson and Cara Delevigne

Ashley and Cara are not
only learning TikTok dances, but they’re also doing their own re-enactments of
their favourite Keeping Up With The Kardashians moments.


##duet with @e_entertainment

♬ ABCDEFG I Have to Go from KUWTK – e_entertainment

4. Coco Arquette

Coco and her mom
Courtney Cox are doing some funny bits on TikTok. Coco captioned this with
“that quarantine content”.


Hi quarantine content😫😡🥵🤮🤑

♬ Skinny Legend Anthem – Ava Louise

5. Courtney Cox

Monica herself has
posted a dance on TikTok and reposted it to Instagram with a caption “is this
why Coco and Johnny are socially distancing themselves from me? Even Matthew
Perry commented saying “Hi honey, what the hell just happened?”

6.Gloria Gaynor

Yes, the legendary
Gloria Gaynor is on TikTok and yes she’s lip-syncing to her own song “I Will
Survive” and washing her hands. Can we make this our pandemic anthem?


It only takes :20 seconds to “SURVIVE!”👏💕🎶 ##iWillSurviveChallenge ##fyp ##coronavirus ##handwashing

♬ I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor


Lizzo is posting TikToks
every day of self-quarantine and they range from dances to self-care to cooking
and we suggest you keep up with all of them.


Quarantine day 7

♬ Over it Chinese New Year Remix by JohhnyG – kingvader

8. Ciara

Ciara is pregnant and
self-quarantining with her family and it looks like they’re all on board to do
some dances. It’s cuteness overload.

@ciara ♬ Something New feat. Ty Dolla $ign – Wiz Khalifa

9. Usher

Usher flipped the switch
with his family and it was unexpected and funny and honestly, what are you
doing with your life if you’re not following celebs on TikTok?


##flip ##lol ##family @yaboinaviyd @luclackey123 @littleusherbaby 

♬ Nonstop – Drake

10. J Lo

J Lo and her partner are
doing the #coupleschallenge while on quarantine and it’s actually quite
interesting to see what they think and what points they agree on and which ones
they disagree on.


What do you think?! 😜 ##CouplesChallenge

♬ my girlfriend is cuter – samhanscom3

11. Bella Thorne

Relatable content from
Bella Thorne on TikTok will make you feel less alone during the quarantine.
She’s just as bored. Trust me.


How long can you hold ur cat like this @com3t ##challenge ##lifeathome ##catsoftiktok

♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu feat. beabadoobee

12. Jessica Alba

And let’s end this list with some wholesome family content, ladies and gentlemen – Jessica Alba dancing with her kids in their pyjamas. Feel free to follow along.


🙁🙂😛😚 ##dancinginmyjammies ##fyp

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