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10 Reasons To Go Vegan Today 》

In terms of science and nutrition, there’s no plausible need to consume animal products… A balanced vegan diet can provide all nutrients with ease (more than a meat integrated one does). Veganism is “on-trend” right now and studies show that those who follow a plant based diet are healthier overall. So, here are our top 9 reasons to go vegan this year!



1. It’s just logic. You want to be as healthy as possible (which you probably do – no one really wants to live off take-out chicken wings and french fries), then you know that fueling your body with ingredients that you know and trust, that don’t have any gross chemicals or fillers.



2. Eating animals is terrible for world hunger. Farming animals is really wasteful compared to growing plants and livestock take more food from the global food supply than they provide, Eat your own crops instead of the cows!

3. It impacts the environment and climate at an alarming rate. It’s the leading human-cause source of greenhouse gases and land use and degradation. It also contributes to pollution and wastes precious natural resources.

4. It can prevent diseases, and can even reverse some of the worst diseases, like heart disease, various cancers, and diabetes. A whole foods based diet is a whole health approach that actually works.



5. Because it’s easy and cheap! Buying veggies and whole grains is often less expensive then spending on fish and meat products. Add a healthy fat as a dressing like olive oil and voila, dinner!

6. Um, duh, because it’s delicious! People worry about depriving themselves of the joys of meat, but soy technology is truly up to par and is way healthier (and cruelty free), plus millions of mouthwatering recipes online.

7. Because meat is pretty gross if you think about it. You just need to watch one documentary to know that. The animal flesh is often contaminated with blood, feces, and other fluids that we won’t talk about. Animal products are the top source of food poisoning in the U.S.



8. Celebrities are doing it, so it’s a hot trend. Stars like Alicia Silverstone, Beyonce, Ruby Rose and more have hopped on the vegan bandwagon and are absolutely loving it. Celebs, they’re just like us (or the healthy, eco-friendly demographic).

9. Pigs are smarter than dogs, and many animals you eat are smarter than your pets. So they feel things and are intelligent beings, just in case you thought they couldn’t. Those animals suffer just as much as lil’ Sparky and chickens are as smart as monkeys!

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