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10 Situations That Make Him Want to Dump You 》

Getting dumped is never fun. It’s a horrible feeling and it’s even worse when it seems to come out of nowhere. Like, it’s one thing when you see how things are going South, but when everything seems fine up until the last days and then you’re caught unaware by “the talk” that ends with you being dumped – that’s hard. So in order to be prepared it’s probably a good idea to check in with your boyfriend from time to time and see if all is good. Or you can go down our list of 15 situations that make him want to dump you and see if anything sounds familiar.



1. When you hold grudges for way too long
We all make mistakes from time to time. But it’s always best to learn from them, and then move on. No one likes it when their significant other keeps bringing up something you did that was bad or wrong that happened months or years ago. Let go of that grudge, or he’ll just let go of you.



2. Different world views
Don’t get us wrong, you might like different shows or prefer different styles of clothes or music, but when it comes to things you truly value in life you really should be on the same page. Because while it might be fun to argue about politics or religion at first, it gets really annoying in a little while. For example you might think it’s ok that you’re a liberal democrat and he’s conservative, but then big events like elections happen and suddenly you find yourself questioning how you ended up dating a Trump supporter.

3. When you’re not the one
When we’re in a relationship we like to think that this is the one that’s going to last. We like to plan ahead for the future and imagine where we’ll be and what will we be doing etc. But if he doesn’t like committing to vacation plans that are a couple of months ahead, chances are he just doesn’t see you in his future. He enjoys what you have now, but he knows you won’t be the one to settle down with. And that’s sad and weird, but in the end, what can you do?



4. When you break his trust
Trust is a very important thing in a relationship, and if you break it, it’s almost impossible to get it back. So if you start swooping through his things, checking his phone, etc he’s going to find out eventually and he’s not going to like it.

5. When you’re too controlling
Worrying for your boyfriend when he’s coming home late, or he’s away on a trip is one thing, but when you’re constantly all up in his business for no reason – that’s a whole different story. No one likes to feel controlled. So if you’re one of those people who constantly bombards their significant other with questions and phone calls – ease up. Wouldn’t you rather they shared their days with you willingly?



6. When there’s too much drama
No one likes drama, unless they’re a teenager in school. And even then it gets old pretty quick. So if you’re one of those people who loves drama and everything in your life is just super dramatic, chances are, your bf will grow tired of it and want to be with someone else, who’s a bit more chill.

7. When he’s just not happy
Sometimes it’s not even your fault at all. You can try your best, and think of dates, activities and things to do to make him happy, but he just isn’t. It’s always important to remember that it’s not your job to make someone happy. Boyfriends and girlfriends are just bonuses in our life, someone to share our life with, but they should never be burdened with being the only source of happiness in your life.

8. When his family doesn’t like you
Some men are very attached to their family, and while it should be more important whether he likes you or not, in some cases they do need the approval of their family. So if his family doesn’t like you at all, and he is pretty close with them, chances are, this won’t last long.



9. When his friends don’t like you
In other cases, his friends might be even more important to him than his family, so if they don’t approve of you, and he takes it to heart, he probably will end up dumping you eventually. We’re not saying you should suck up to his friends, it’s just that it probably wasn’t right to begin with.

10. When you always put your friends first
It’s understandable that sometimes you need a girls night out, or perhaps your friend is going through something big, so you choose to spend time with her to support her. But if you constantly put your friends first, and leave barely any time for you boyfriend, he’ll probably come to the conclusion that he doesn’t really matter to you and dump you.

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