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12 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Him 》

Let’s face it, finding the right present for a guy – whether it is a friend, significant other, dad, or brother – is never easy. They don’t really need another tie or baseball cap. Most guys aren’t into the cute little nick-knacks that most women would be thrilled to accept. Tickets to a major sporting event is out of the question unless you’ve got a pile of cash saved up. But fortunately not all hope is lost! We have compiled a list of 12 interesting, quirky gifts that will please the important men in your life!



1. Vintage Record Coasters ($32.79)
Does your guy have a bad habit of putting his wet glass or mug on your nice table? There’s definitely no better way to warp or otherwise ruin a nice piece of furniture! But conventional coasters are…meh. Thankfully, the company HomeWetBar has an idea that is fun, especially for music lovers. They carve their coasters out of vintage records! Sold in packs of 6, it is a perfect gift for your spouse, boyfriend, dad, or brother!



2. Chocolate Pizza Slices ($40)
Who doesn’t like chocolate? Who doesn’t like pizza? What if you could combine the two? That would be pretty impressive, right? Good news: The UK-based Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company has made it a reality! Their chocolate pizza slices come in 10 different flavors, including jelly bean and even honeycomb for the honey bee in your life!

3. Back to the Future Prop License Plate ($22)
Say, is your guy a super huge fan of the Back to the Future film franchise? Of course he is! This holiday season, get him something that he can proudly hang on his wall: a replica of the California license plate that can be seen on Doc Brown and Marty McFly’s 1986 DeLorean!



4. Tablet Pillow ($15)
Has your dude ever said something like, “I like using my tablet, but I sure wish I could find a way to balance it comfortably.” Okay, probably not. It doesn’t matter. The point is, you really can’t go wrong with a tablet pillow made by Lap Desk. It holds any tablet or eBook reader and offers a perfect view when he is watching movies or surfing the ‘net! It also contains storage space for tablet accessories. You know he’ll love it!

5. Emoji Mugs
Emojis are super hilarious, am I right? One of them sticks their tongue out at you. Another cries happy tears. There is even a happy, smiling poop emoji for some weird reason! In any event, your guy’s coffee experience will never be the same after he sips out of a mug with a lovely emoji on it.



6. Strobing Beer Glass ($7.95)
Is your significant other always trying to bug you into going to some lame nightclub with him? With the amazing LED strobing beer glass that lights up his drink, he can bring the nightclub to the living room, which means you’ll never need to leave the house again! Okay, that’s an exaggeration. Anyway, it comes in 4 settings depending on his mood and assures that the party will never end!

7. Hot Sauce
Dinner a bit boring? Not if you get your man a few bottles of CaJohn’s fiery sauces! You can find mild sauces, slightly spicy jalapeno varieties, and even crazy, 5-alarm-hot, ghost pepper sauces! We recommend the Irish Scream Hot Sauce. It contains a blend of peppers, honey, and a drop of Irish whiskey! Now that’s what we’re talking about!



8. Personalized Men’s Flask ($10)
A drink or two is always nice, but when you give your guy his own personalized 6 oz. Stainless Steel Flask, you will be seen as his legitimate savior. It’s super classy without blowing a hole in your budget!

9. Ken Burn’s National Parks: America’s Best Idea ($115)
We believe your dad is a huge national parks buff and nothing is going to change our minds! This is why the Prime Time Emmy Award-winning National Parks documentary series created by the legendary Ken Burns is exactly what he needs during the cold holiday season. It also comes with a book and CD soundtrack. The whole series is 12 hours long, which means your dad or dude is set for the rest of the day!



10. Storm-trooper Decanter ($27)
Why does this list feature so much booze??? We aren’t telling! But we will say this: your guy will go absolutely bonkers over a Storm-trooper decanter. It’s made from high quality super flint glass and is the perfect way to toast the most recently Star Wars installment, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

11. Panda Brushed Lounge Pants ($38)
Your guy deserves the absolute best in lounge wear and John Lewis definitely delivers! These aren’t any kind of lounge pants either. They are made from the softest cotton and the loose-fitting design provides maximum comfort. Oh, and they also contain a panda pattern!!! Now that’s just icing on the cake, isn’t it!



12. Agate Bookends ($30)
Collecting books is a nice hobby, even if your guy never actually reads them. His Harry Potter books might be collecting dust on a shelf, as long as the bookends are made of agate stone, everybody will be impressed anyway. The bookends are dyed a nice bluish color, which really highlights the naturally occurring ring patterns. Dramatic indeed!

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