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6 One Ingredient Dishes 》

We all love foods that taste delicious and don’t take hours to prepare. What we love even more is food that require few ingredients. Be honest, how many times did you click on 5 ingredient dinners or searched for simple yet delicious 3 ingredient breakfasts? There’s nothing to be ashamed of, we totally get you. So just for you, and maybe perhaps for giggles, we present you with 6 one-ingredient dishes you can cook in a matter of minutes. They’re just simple enough to please even the laziest cooks, so enjoy!



1. Tomato Soup
They tell you that you need spices and other ingredients to make tomato soup, but in reality you can quickly make some tomato soup, or a bowl of cold gazpacho just by taking a jar of canned tomatoes and putting it in a blender for like 1 minute. Voila – it’s done.


2. Banana Ice-Cream
There’s no way you haven’t heard of this incredible one ingredient ice-cream by now. It’s all over the internet this summer. It’s healthy, it’s creamy and it’s very yummy. Just cut up some bananas, freeze them for a couple of hours and then blend them into oblivion. I swear it’s the best ice-cream you’ll ever have.


3. A Good Egg
You know what makes a perfect breakfast? An egg. It’s got protein, it’s got healthy fats, it has zero carbs, so it’s diet friendly. It’s everything you need. And there’s so many ways to cook it. Poach it, boil it, fry it – it’s up to you. But if you want a perfect soft boiled egg we recommend getting a pot of water to boil, then put the egg in and let it simmer for six and a half minutes. You’ll have a perfect soft boiled egg, where the egg white it solid but the yolk is still runny – it’s science.


4. Avocado Mash
If you want a trendy and delicious meal – try avocado puree. It’s way fancier than mashed potatoes, and it tastes delicious. In fact, if you want to make it even fancier, just serve it in a bowl and call it an avocado smoothie bowl.


5. Jacket Potatoes
It’s simple, it’s filling and it brings back memories of childhood. Who hasn’t had a jacket potato (a.k.a. baked potato) sitting next to a campfire when they were a kid? It’s the best thing ever. So bring on the nostalgia and make yourself this savory one ingredient meal today. Just cause you’re a grownup now doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this campfire classic and yes, you can roast them in your oven or make a campfire in the middle of your kitchen floor, as you wish!


6. A Glass Of Water
First and foremost – let’s talk about water. You don’t need to prepare it, you just fill the glass and it’s done. Is it a meal? No, but we’re mentioning it first, because a lot of the time when you think you’re hungry, you’re really just thirsty. And hydration is important. If you want nice clear skin, if you want to feel alive and invigorated, if you want your digestive system to run smoothly – water is key. And you know what’s better than water? Water with frozen water – so serve it on the rocks on this hot summer’s day.

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