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Unless you live in a tropical climate or somewhere where it is always sunny you know the struggle that comes with winter. We are torn between looking fashionable and not freezing our heads off. There is always the idea to glue your warm and inviting blanket to your body but lets face it: we can do better than that. Looking fashionable in winter is a skill but we are here to toss some ideas your way to make it a little bit easier on you.



1. Get yourself a big cozy scarf
Scarves are the absolute best. This winter try wearing a fashionable blanket scarf to keep you warm and cozy. This statement piece will not only help you make an entrance but will also give you comfort and keep you extremely warm. It is like taking your cat with you everywhere you go!

2. Extra long sleeves
Not only are extra long sleeves the trend of winter 2016/2017 – they are also a rad thing to have. You can eliminate your gloves by just wearing an extra long sleeve sweater and feel cuddly all day long. All the cool kids are doing it – join in on the fun!

3. All the boots you can wear
Winter is finally here and that means you can dust off your booties and go show them to the world! Your knee-high boots, cowboy boots, or short ankle boots – wear them proudly. Get some fun socks too to keep you warm and rock them with a dress, jeans, or even a skirt! Boots are a great statement piece with almost any item.

4. Fun tights
Don’t forget to accessorize. And we mean tights too! Do you fancy leggings over tights? Rock those too! Nothing can stop you in winter. Whether you prefer a fun colored once or the ones with a cool print on them – there is really no limit.

5. A perfect hat
Speaking of accessorizing – you can finally give it a go with your hat collection! Big floppy hats continue to steal our hearts away. They are truly a fashionista’s number one friend. They keep you warm, they are a great addition to your flawless outfit, and they are so Instagrammable!

6. Velvet
If you still think that velvet is a story of the past you might want to take a closer look at this year’s runway shows. Velvet is back and we couldn’t be happier. Prada, Gucci, Fendi – that is to name a few – are all exploring velvet pieces this winter. A good velvet coat will help your body look slimmer and will make you the star of any party!

7. Cashmere sweaters
A good cashmere sweater can not only make you feel like the most trendy girl in the room but will also hug your body in a way no other piece can. The trick to a winter sweater is investment: a good cashmere sweater is not cheap but will certainly serve you for a few winters. Get the correct size and color and enjoy wearing that angelic softness.

8. Flannel PJs
Girls, let us be the first to tell you: good PJs are like your second layer of skin. No matter how great your blanket is – PJs are still closer to your body than anything. Get a few pairs with different prints on them and enjoy a drink by a fire (or a Youtube video of a fireplace can do). #Instagramgoals


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