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8 Things To Know About Maisie Williams 》

is known for her brilliant portrayal of Arya Stark on GOT but there’s
so much more to her than that one role. She’s a talented young
actress, a hilarious and smart girl and a promising young
entrepreneur. She’s been in other TV shows and starred in movies,
she frequents fashion events, and she started a project called Daisy
that is aimed at bringing young talented people together for creative
projects and collaborations.

Maisie Williams’ Age

Williams is 22 years old. She was born in Bristol on April 15, 1997.
She’s the youngest of four children in her family. She has two
brothers named James and Ted and a sister called Beth. Maisie isn’t
actually her given name, it’s a nickname based on a character in
The Perishers comics.

Maisie Williams and Game Of Thrones

Maisie did her best to portray the character of Arya as true to the
original as possible she has admitted that she hasn’t read the
books. She went to the trouble of learning how to do everything
left-handed (like writing and sword fighting) because her mother (who
read the books) said Arya’s left-handed, but she just can’t bring
herself to read them because of all the gory details. She also can’t
really watch the gory scenes on the screen too. It’s quite funny
considering she’s on the show, isn’t it?

Maisie Williams’ Height

is quite a short girl. She’s 155 cm tall, which makes her the
shortest of the GOT cast after Peter Dinklage. She’s followed by
Emilia Clarke who’s only ever so slightly taller than her at 157cm.

Maisie Williams’ School Dropout

acting debut happened on GOT when she was 12 and by 14 she has
dropped out of school in order to pursue her acting career full time.
This might surprise you but her parents fully support her in that
decision. They agree that it’s a unique opportunity to travel the
world and meet new people. Plus, she’s 22 now and seems to be doing
fine, not only with acting but with her business endeavors too.

Maisie Williams’ Boyfriend

has been dating Reuben Selby for a while now. He’s a co-founder of
Contact Agency, a modeling agency that is described as the “platform
for the next generation of models.”

also co-founded a creative agency called Cortex Agency. On their
website, it says it’s “a new-gen creative agency specially
curating multi-disciplinary campaigns, editorials & events for
brands”. While Maisie and Ruben’s relationship has been kept
quite low-key, he did attend Sophie Turner’s wedding as Maisie’s
date. So we think it’s fair to say it’s not casual dating, it’s
more of a relationship they’ve got going.

Maisie Williams’ Films

probably know Maisie best from playing Arya in Game of Thrones, but
that’s only one of many things she’s done. She also appeared on
Doctor Who and she’s starred in quite a few films too. The
Falling, Then Came You, Cyberbully, Stealing Silver, The Book Of Love

are just a few you should definitely check out if you like Maisie

Maisie Williams’ Tattoos

has 6 small tattoos on her body. The most famous one is probably the
date 07.08.09 tattooed on her arm in red ink. It’s a matching
tattoo she has with her BFF Sophie Turner to commemorate the date
they were cast in GOT. She also has a tattoo on the back of her neck
that says “no one”, a tattoo that says “little rascal” on her
arm, and the number 79 on her inner arm, all of them in red ink. She
also has a small sunflower on her upper arm, small Japanese Kanji on
her ankle that apparently means “adventure”, and 4 Japanese
symbols on her ribcage for ikigai, which is roughly translated as
“reason for being”.

Maisie Williams’ Net Worth

Masie Williams’s net worth is estimated at $6 million. Having spent almost a decade working on Game of Thrones, appearing in BBC’s hit show Doctor Who and having a whole bunch of short and feature films under her belt we only expect that number to grow. Maisie is only 22 and we’re excited to see what life has in store for her.

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