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8 Tips on How to Clean Your Beauty Tools 》

The makeup and beauty industry is an amazing invention. It allows us to express ourselves freely, change up our looks, highlight our best features and hide those pesky imperfections and insecurities when we’re feeling vulnerable. But it’s not just beauty products that help us in day to day life, we all have quite a few beauty tools that make the process a lot easier. However, we all have a little secret, don’t we? We don’t take care of our beauty tools as much as we should. So let’s use this opportunity and do a deep clean of all of our beauty tools. Here are some useful tips on how to do that.



1. Makeup Sponge
How often do you clean your beauty blender? Ideally you should do it after each use, but we’re lazy, aren’t we. It’s so easy to do though. All you need is some mild soap or shampoo and some warm water. The best way to clean it so to soak it in some warm water until it fully expands, then work a bit of gentle shampoo into it and rinse until water runs clear. If you haven’t cleaned your beauty blender in a while – you can soak it in soapy water for a while for a deep cleanse and then rinse.



2. Makeup Brushes
Brushes are also easy to clean but since we use so many it can be quite overwhelming to try and clean them every time. So we suggest you clean them once a week. The process is the similar to cleaning a beauty sponge, except you should use tepid or cold water. Only wet the bristles and not the part where they connect to the handle. You don’t want to ruin the adhesive and have bristles falling out. So you wet them with cold water, put some shampoo in the middle of your hand and swirl the wet brushes in it to get rid of the makeup. Afterwards rinse, flatten them to get all the water out and put on a towel to dry overnight.


3. Hairbrushes and Combs
If we’re bad with makeup brushes, it’s truly depressing how rarely we clean our hairbrushes. Did you know that if you don’t clean your hairbrush it can make your hair look dull and dirty even after you just washed it? Most of us think that just removing the hair from the brush is enough, but that’s not the only thing that’s left on it. First of all yeah, remove the hair, make sure you get every strand, use scissors to cut out the most annoying stuck hairs. Then use warm water and shampoo to wash off the dirt, dead skin, residue of hair product of the bristles. Feel free to use an old toothbrush to help with the process.


4. Ultrasonic Facial Brushes
You might think that since you use a facial cleanser with the brush – it cleans itself, but you’d be wrong. It cleans your face, but some dead skin cells, makeup residue and dirt can get stuck on the bristles and the base of the brush head. So disconnect the head of the brush and use some antibacterial soap to clean the bristles and the base, an old toothbrush will be helpful here too. Rinse and leave to dry overnight before assembling again.



5. Tweezers, Scissors, Nail Clippers
These should really be cleaned after each use. Just think about the manicure and pedicure nightmares that can happen if you don’t, what about pink eye? Yea you don’t want these problems. Just clean all your metal manicure and pedicure appliances and tweezers with hot water and antibacterial soap. Make sure to get every little crevice with the help of an old toothbrush.


6. Eyelash Curler
Not only do eyelash curlers often have lots of gunky mascara stuck on them but they also come in close contact with your eye. So make sure to clean them thoroughly with a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol. Rinse afterwards in cold water and let air dry.


7. Makeup Pencil Sharpener
Did you know that if you let someone use your lip pencil or eye pencil and they have some sort of illness or bacteria on it you can easily cross contaminate our whole makeup collection? That’s why you should clean your pencil sharpener after every use with some rubbing alcohol.


8. Hot Tools
Your curling irons and flatirons need a good clean once in a while too. Hairspray and other hair products leave residue on them and can cause them to malfunction or stop working in the worst case scenario or become sticky and damage your hair. So make sure to clean them at least once a week. To do this make sure your tools are unplugged and completely cool. Clean them with a soft cotton pad and rubbing alcohol or a paste made of equal parts water and baking soda. You can’t rinse these, so just wipe with a clean damp towel and then with a dry one.

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