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9 Hottest Dessert Trends To Watch Out For This Summer 》

If there’s one thing we never get sick of, its dessert, Now that the sunny days are coming around, there are tons of new exciting dessert trends that will be going viral and breaking Instagram.



1. Originally from Thailand, rolled ice cream is turning out to be the hottest emerging dessert trend so far, and it’s just in time for the peak of hot summer days. Melted ice cream is poured onto a cold sheet, then chopped and rolled by hand in this strange take on Fruit By The Foot.



2. Donuts with weird fillings are going to make an appearance this year. A cafe in LA stuffed their donuts with Snickers bar, which sounds too sweet for our likings, but we’re game for some unusual and inspired donut fillings.


3. Naked cakes will be flourishing. While this was a big wedding trend last year, it’s going mainstream for 2018. A naked cake is one that has icing in between layers, but none on the side, making for a “naked” aesthetic. It’s rustic chic, and more calorie friendly!


4. Filled croissants to spice up your morning pastry experience. Croissants sometimes feel a little dry and crackly, like they absolutely need a cup of tea to be paired with them. So people are moistening them up a little bit with filling like Funfetti or Red Velvet. Still counts for breakfast, right?



5. Vegan treats will be showing up as well. This trend can be healthy, but very sugar-filled as well. Nonetheless, the age of gross vegan desserts is over, and 2018 will usher in mouth-watering desserts that people will actually prefer to treats made for omnivores.


6. Savoury desserts are going to be the grown-up dessert of this year, but does it really count as dessert? For those who prefer savoury, this will be a cool new adventure, but for those who have a sweet tooth, we suggest going elsewhere.


7. Say hello to extreme milkshakes. They’re decadent pieces of art topped with everything from s’mores and to cotton candy, to truffles and cupcakes, all a-top a creamy shake. Healthy? No. Alluring? Yes…



8. Artisanal or house-made ice cream will be thriving in 2018. While mass-produced spots like Baskin Robbins will always have our summer childhood memories, the love and care put into a homemade batch of Earl Grey ice cream is something that can’t be imitated.


9. Smoked dessert ingredients are the wild child of this year’s dessert trends, and we’re intrigued to see what comes of them. When you go out to eat, prepare to have a topping of smokiness with your sweet treats.

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