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9 Signs That He Really Likes You 》

Sometimes it is hard to tell if a man really likes you. Of course you could always ask, but you may have only met a couple of times and feel you don’t know him well enough. Getting to know him better as a friend will help you to see all the signs, if he likes you or should you be friends and nothing more. Check the list of the reliable signs that he is into you.



1. He looks into your eyes
While eye contact is an essential part of everyday communication, what really matters is how long it actually lasts. Looking into someone’s eyes for more than 3 seconds can actually make a special connection between you both. So if you catch him looking into your eyes and listening very carefully to what you say, this might be one of the signs.



2. He turns his body towards you
In the conversation we tend to turn our head to the person speaking but if he turns his full body towards you it means that he identifies you as an important person. Especially, if he turns his body and tries to shield you from everyone else. Try to watch how he behaves with other people and you will be able to tell for sure.

3. He holds an open position
It is well known fact that when people have their arms or legs crossed they are trying to subconsciously to shield themselves (unless they are cold). Try to watch his feet if they are pointing in your direction it could indicate interest in you. Getting closer to you will also be a positive sign of his interest.

4. He speaks up when you are near
You might notice that the man you are interested in you, tells more jokes when you are near or becomes more talkative. This is the way to interest you and become more friendly with you. Also, changing the manner of how he speaks might mean that he doesn’t want to ruin your relationship in any way.



5. He copies you
When you like someone you unintentionally try to mirror their pose. If he does this it shows that he would like to get to know you better, see the world from your perspective and find things that you have in common. Body language can tell you more than you expect.

6. He is happy to see you
While it is clear that he is happy to spend time with friends, at early stages of your friendship it could also be a clear sign that he likes you a lot. You can also see it in his eyes, if he breaks his conversation (if he is with someone else) this is also a good sign. A smile is always a reliable clue.

7. He shares
It doesn’t matter if he shares food or his thoughts about some topics, he wants to include you into his world. Sharing food is actually a very clear sign as men usually don’t like to share delicious snacks. Sharing funny stories from his life or telling you about his personal history can make you closer.



8. He shows off
Many male animals try to attract the attention of a female by showing how great they are and that they are a suitable mate. In the same way men want to look bigger, stronger, smarter and just perfect for you. If you notice that he is doing more things to impress you, he is most probably trying to win your heart.

9. He grooms himself
Looking better usually means feeling better and gaining confidence. When we see someone we like, we try to look better for them and be noticed. One of the ways is to smooth out the hair by simply touching it from time to time. This works particularly well with women but men use it too.

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