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Pete and Harlow and now an Instafamous daddy & daughter duo. Pete, his partner Jason and daughter Harlow live in Melbourne. They traded sunny LA for an even sunnier Melbourne a couple of years ago.



Pete is a full time daddy, as he likes to say. He takes care of Harlow all day long, while Jason is at work. He takes his daughter to and from school and after-school activities, dresses her up in designer clothes, does her hair and still manages to do some chores around the house. He says being a full time dad is a tough job, you go to bed tired and you wake up tired a lot of the days, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pete is also the one we know as the daddy fashion stylist. He started taking photos of Harlow as a hobby. He wanted to take as many pictures of his daughter as possible, so that later, when she grows up, they could relive the happy memories. Pete never expected that his hobby would attract so much attention.

However, he says it’s pretty cool that Harlow is already earning some money thanks to her Instagram fame. Whatever she earns, Pete puts in her bank account, so she can spend it on traveling, or getting herself a car, or whatever she really wants when she grows up.

For those of you wondering what does Harlow think of this whole situation, well, Harlow doesn’t really understand what Instagram is yet. She’s too young to care about social media, but she likes dressing up and posing for pictures. It’s never a chore, since Pete has a rule – they only take pictures when it’s fun. If Harlow doesn’t feel like it, they don’t do it. You can really see the love Pete has for his little daughter, it shines through the photos he takes

Pete often receives messages asking, “How do I get my little boy/girl into modelling?”. Well this is what he has to say: “I assume they ask because they think Harlow is a child model. The truth of the matter is that I love fashion, Harlow loves it just as much. Harlow participated in one campaign, but only because we know the brand owner. I am not a stage parent. I am not grooming Harlow to be a model or an actress. I want Harlow to be Harlow, and I want her to have the experiences that she wants to have. If in a few years Harlow expresses interest in modelling and acting, then I might consider it. Might. However, her education will always come first. In the meantime, we’re just having fun. Thanks for the love. We send it right back to you.”



Pete and Harlow now have over 100K followers on Instagram and we wish them all of the success in the world.

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