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Adele’s Transformation Made Her Unrecognizable 》

you were watching the Oscars or looking up pictures from the
afterparty you probably didn’t even notice Adele there. But not
because she didn’t attend and definitely not for her lack of
dolling up. She was there and she looked phenomenal. It’s just that
she looked so different to what we’re used to that most of us
literally didn’t recognize her. Adele looked super slim and super
glamorous in her sparkly dress at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s party after
the Oscars.

is the secret of her new super slimmed-down look? Well really there
is no secret, it’s the usual diet and exercise combo. As we all
suspected there is no magic pill, you just have to put in the work
and you will see the results. Adele’s trainer has revealed that the
first week was the hardest because Adele only ate 1000 calories and
drank green juices. Her trainer also said that while Adele works out,
she doesn’t really like it, so 90% of the results are all due to
the change in her diet.

don’t know if she still only eats 1000 calories and lives for green
juices, or was it just a first-week thing, but we do know that Adele
lost about 7 stone, which is roughly over 40 kg in weight. That is a
very impressive and awe-inspiring transformation. And yet, many
criticize this change.

Some say she looked better and healthier
before, some say this is a good idea but she went too far and quite a
lot of people are feeling dubious about Adele’s trainer because the
diet she mentioned sounds overly restrictive and not really
sustainable. You can’t continue eating so few calories for a long
time without damaging your health. Sure it works for quick weight
loss but what happens when she goes back to normal eating?

But then again, we don’t know all the details. All we know is that Adele looks unrecognizable but incredibly fit. And for her own sake, we hope her diet isn’t actually as crazy as it sounds. We do know that the reason behind this massive transformation and life change is her son. She just wants to be a healthy mother so that she can live long and be a good parent and that’s admirable. We wish her the best of luck and hope to see more pictures of her looking absolutely stunning.


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