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Amazing Transformation Of The Obama Sisters 》

Sasha and Malia
Obama were just kids when their dad became president. At the time
they were just 7 and 10 years old respectively and they probably
couldn’t imagine that from that point on their life would be very
different. They were no longer just kids, they were “first
daughters”, everyone wanted to know everything about them including
what they were wearing, how stylish and was and how much it cost.
Barack and Michelle did a great job raising the kids in the public
eye keeping them grounded and making sure their childhood was as
normal as possible. They didn’t immediately switch to designer
clothes, they just made sure to dress in normal brands like H&M,
J.Crew and anything else a normal kid would wear. So let’s take a
look at how these two girls grew up and transformed from cute little
kids to beautiful young women.

1.We love this photo
of the Obama family sitting down and looking all happy together.

2.Sasha and Malia
wearing black and red babydoll dresses for the election night
gathering in 2008 and looking stunning.

3.The whole family
matching their outfits with magenta accents at The Democratic
National Convention.

4.The girls looking
cute as hell on Inauguration Day 2009 in their blue and orange coats.

5.We also love them
in these white coats, there’s just something extra cosy and wintery
in white fluffy woollen coats.

6.Here’s Sasha and
Malia all dressed up for Christmas in Washington.

7.They were growing
up so fast. Looking taller and more mature with every passing day.

8. By Christmas 2011 they were looking even more grown up in their yellow and purple dress. We love how unimpressed they look here, such classic teenagers.

9. On this family portrait, they look so cute. Sasha looks so much like her mother and Malia is still daddy’s little girl.

10.Remember when
they went to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards with Michelle?

National Convention take two, look how different they looked in 2012
compared to 2009.

12.Malia looked so
grown up on the 2013 Inauguration Day in her blue coat. Such a stark
difference from the first Inauguration.

13.But then this
selfie happened and we all knew they’re still your regular

14.By 2014 the girls
looked like they could be the same age. And so grown up, almost as
tall as their father at this point.

15.This Thanksgiving
photo just proves that Malia grew up so fast.

16. Here’s the girls meeting Ryan Reynolds and honestly they look like they could slay a red carpet at this point.

17. And suddenly
they’re no longer kids. They’re young women who look like they’ve
got everything figured out with personal style and looking ready to
change the world.

18.And in case you were wondering what they look like now that they’re no longer in the white house – here’s a picture from Thanksgiving 2019.

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