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Gucci’s Cruise collection for 2016 excites us in the best way possible…some of it is so over the top in that signature Gucci manner, and some point to our most ethereal, fairy-like dress fantasies that are probably NSFW. Still would be worth it to get fired in one of these majestic creations – talk about a grand exit! New Creative director Alessandro Michele has breathed a new and vibrant life into Gucci, and these are some of our favorite looks from his 2016 Cruise Collection.



Usually if we’re talking zig-zags, our eyebrows raise. But somehow, this long-sleeved piece is still super fierce, with a cohesive and elegant color story and just the right hemline. Safe for work, but not for our wallets.



This brings us back to our schoolgirl days – this prep-school inspired look is complete with to-die-for flawless pleats and an edgy mustard hue, topped off with a bow that should look ridiculous but just looks so chic. Kate Middleton would be proud.

Wow. Where do we begin? Love the styling with the glasses – this look is so boho-chic, but could also be rocked at a Met Gala. We love the sheer but dimensional periwinkle bottom and the tight, tiger-printed bodice.

Heart eye emojis for days. The pleats and lace combo are making us want to drop everything, put this on, and transform into Carrie Bradshaw. The detail is just impeccable on the top and the bottom, as is the fit. Paris, we’re ready.



This fur coat makes us want to fast forward through the summer months, just so we can try this baby on. Even haters of pink will be tempted to try this one – that mink hemline and those cuffs are everything. Margot Tenenbaum would be proud.

A look that is actually wearable and not just a piece of art (though it’s still so stunning). Something about a chunky flower knit tee with that flowing gold skirt – sort of Kenzo and streetwear inspired, and we are loving it. Recreating the look at H&M asap!

Red and blue is a bold combination, especially in a furry manifestation, but this look is working so well, we would wear it as a dress. It’s little Mad Men chic, and the collar is so cute.



We wish time machines existed and we could wear this to our high school prom, because sexy while ladylike this look slays whether you’re a teen or a forty-year-old badass. It’s so versatile – can be worn with stilettos to an art show, or with a leather jacket to dinner. Gorgeous print, coloring, and silhouette.

This “Working Girl” look is everything! It’s a little androgynous and takes a strong woman to rock it (this babe certainly does), but once you put it on, we have a feeling that you’ll transform into the powerful and confident woman that this suit can make any woman feel.

Ok, those who aren’t into the fem and frilly looks probably won’t be turned on by this, but you still have to give the print kudos. It’s an incredibly romantic piece that will make you feel like a character out of Wuthering Heights or Downton Abby, which we wouldn’t really mind, to be honest.



So back to those NSFW dresses I was talking about…this sheer beauty will make you feel like Tinkerbell, with the sheer, watercolor-inspired print cascading down your body…not sure where you would wear this besides in the bedroom, but it makes us want to be daring!

Incredibly sexy dress and kind of scary optical illusion? Check. That snake looks like it’s slithering into some pretty naughty places! The sheer green lace top and black velvet skirt make us facepalm at why we didn’t think of that color-texture combo sooner. Perfect for the family holiday party that you want to make everyone feel uncomfortable at (but also jealous!)

Yellow usually isn’t the number one color that makes you think of slinky and sexy – but this shirt manages to be it! It’s scandalously sheer, but with the right slip, could be great to wear to a wedding, or formal event in warmer weather. The row of buttons lengthens the torso, and makes the wearer look less bare, too.



This is the last frilly dress, promise! The color palette on this, especially the bold way it’s been combined, with a blue layer down the front, is perfect. There’s something sort of Georgia O’Keeffe inspired for us, if you know what we mean…

Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Definitely for the imaginative. Flare sleeves replace flared legs in this kickass body suit that was made for the most free of bohemian vixens. With a pair of stilettos and a fierce up-do, we’re not sure what the woman who wears this can’t do.

The snake theme in this collection is strong, and we’re not against it. Loving the delicate birds framing the venomous snake! This is a funky dress for a younger lady, with a shortened and more playful hemline that borders on being a bubble skirt and boxy sleeves. The playful eyelets that show skin are perfectly subtle, too.



Finally, something for the more sensible ladies. It’s still lace, but it’s in a darker palette, and is almost reminiscent of tweed. Loving the cropped bomber with that slightly flared mini – creates a dress effect, but still has dimensions and complexity.

Shout-out to all the hippie ladies – we’ve found your wedding dress! Picture this dress in a photogenic desert ceremony, and you’ll fall in love as much as we did. Embroidered red flowers against the sky blue background is so dreamy, we might just have to learn how to sew.

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