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Do You Like Pork? How About Ice Cream? A Company in New Jersey Now Serves Them Together! 》

There are certain ice cream flavor combinations that have no business existing. For example, salted gym socks, chocolate-covered glass, and turtle ice cream (the literal version). Just not that appetizing, guys. On the other hand, every once in a while there emerges an ice cream flavor combination that just blows everybody’s mind in the best possible way. Of course, we’re referring to pork roll infused ice cream. What kind of mad food scientists could possibly come up with an ice cream that creates an entirely holy marriage of pork and frozen dairy goodness? Ones who live in New Jersey, obviously. Windy Brow Farms, located in Fredon Township, just made everyday Christmas, basically.



Before Windy Brow Farms came up with Taylor ham (the brand name for pork roll) and French toast ice cream, life was completely unfair. After all, who among us didn’t resent the fact that we were left with a very difficult choice every morning: to have breakfast featuring pork along with delicious toast that has no actual connection to the French or to eat a tub of ice cream? But we will never have to face such a painful decision ever again. If you aren’t entirely sure what a pork roll is, how dare you! But we’ll educate you anyway. It is a type of ham that contains a symphony of salt and spices combined with a sugar-based cure. The folks who live in the Garden State can’t get enough of this stuff! In fact, the state even holds an annual Pork Roll Festival! Oh, those Joyzee folk, let me tell you!


How in the world did this happen? One can only presume the creator was inspired to create this madness when his pregnant wife woke him up at 3:00am saying she was craving ice cream that combines a locally-produced maple syrup base with morsels of French toast and pieces of caramelized pork roll that have all been dusted in cinnamon sugar.


Okay, so that’s the Her Beauty version of the story. Now for the real one. According to Windy Brow Farms managing partner Jake Hunt, he and his ragtag crew of ice cream mischief-makers sought to find a flavor combination that the average New Jersey citizen would love. Swamp-flavored ice cream seemed like the logical choice, but fortunately they went with something more palatable. According to Hunt, pork rolls seemed like a good place to start.


If you have never tried bacon ice cream, we hope you will postpone all of your plans today in order to try some. It is a safe bet that the Windy Brow Farms creation tastes similar. Plus, the combination of French toast and Taylor ham probably makes delightfully nonsensical sense in the same way as ham and pineapple on a pizza. And then you have to consider that ice cream makes everything taste better, even a concrete sidewalk! Probably. Of course, if pork roll and French toast ice cream just doesn’t float your boat, Hunt has promised four additional flavors that could only come from the brilliantly demented minds of the fine people who live in America’s Armpit. They will be released in the upcoming months, culminating in a celebration at Farm’s 3rd Annual Ice Cream Festival at the end of July. If all goes well (and it will!), they’ll continue to offer the new ice creams through the end of summer.


Of course, in New Jersey nothing takes place without a bit of controversy whether we’re talking about shady political deals or the fact that the name of the ice cream makes reference to Taylor ham when a few residents insist that it should properly be called pork roll. In fact, 50 righteous citizens have even signed a petition to demand the name change. Might we suggest they get outside a bit more? Oh yeah, they live in New Jersey. So stay indoors as much as you please.


Good news if you want to try this ice cream but shudder at the thought of stepping foot into New Jersey: Wind Brow Farms is thinking about shipping out orders so that you can give it a try no matter where you live!

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