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Hair Trends for the New Year – Kick off 2019 in Style 》

As women, we all desire healthy skin, dazzling white teeth, and of course shining, full hair that looks its best. With 2018 wrapping up in no time, it’s important to know what to do with your hair in 2019, whether you’re thinking long, short, bangs, or highlights? We’re here to take you through some of the trendiest styles and updos of the moment to avoid a hairy ordeal, and keep you looking like Beyonce.



Long Healthy Hair
Ladies: long hair never goes out of fashion. Long hair, whether black, blonde, red, or brown is always timeless, sleek and trendy. It’s also a look that can be pulled off at any age. Long, straight hair frames the face, and adding low maintenance bangs brings extra pizzazz. A neat, smoothed back ponytail is also a chic look on long hair. The best part is having some fun with the bangs by sweeping them forward or pushing them back, making the look your own!



Long hair with bangs can certainly be a game-changer, but works equally well to rock on a short cool-meets-cute look as well. Short hair is easy to manage – you can lose the hair tie and feel confident that it will work great in summer and winter months. Bangs can enhance any face shape and add an automatic trendy and suave factor to your look. It also helps you amp up your sex appeal.

80’s Hairstyles
Nothing beats bringing back the look from the 80’s that is fun, beach-inspired, and dazzling with its voluminous curls and waves. A full head of curly hair is all about bounce, volume, and adding a bouncy, youthful look to your appearance.

All Same Length Hair and One Color
All same length hair and one color is something you cannot go wrong with. It is versatile and can be parted in any manner, giving you the confidence that you can be any girl: a glam nightclub go-er, a memorable house party invitee, or a beach bunny in search of her soulmate energizer bunny.



Bun Hairstyles
We all remember rocking sweatpants in school with some makeup slapped on our face and a high bun, having some strands hanging on the side. This is a carefree look when refined into a secure solid bun that sits atop your head. With some bobby pins, you can have a DIY top knot that has an effortless aesthetic that comes off as a perfectly styled bun. You may have also noticed that this look, when paired with some long earrings, works perfectly and is often sported by models on the runway.

Messy Buns
We talked about the high bun sitting perfectly on your head with all your hair gathered neatly, so how can the messy bun be left behind. The messy bun actually doesn’t mean your hair is messy. It’s a low sitting bun with some hair in the front and a good chunk of the hair parted down the middle. It is the look we have all seen Megan Markle pull off at Wimbledon.

The 80’s look with the curls didn’t get missed, well so how can we leave behind the 70’s era of belle bottoms and shaggy hair, done differently in contemporary times. Shaggy is in, with some highlights added in between the layers. The beauty of shaggy is that it is easily workable, as the hair is loose and soft through the ends. If you have always wanted to make a statement, shaggy with a wash and wear look is the way to go.

Scarves and Bandanas
This style is gaining a lot of traction and is super convenient. Bold, striped, polka dots… there are no rules and it can be a fringe or a festive look. Just fold the scarf about 3cm in a band shape, place the middle at the nap of the head and bring it around the side of the hairline, tying at the front of the hairline above the forehead. Feel free to make it extra cute by accessorizing with a bow or simply leave it as it is. The perfect recipe if you feel you are having a bad hair day.

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