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Jacob’s Food Diaries – Healthy Food Made Fun 》

Lots of parents struggle to make their kids eat their vegetables and healthy foods, instead of the flashy looking and easily accessible chocolates and all sorts of fast food snacks. Laleh Mohmedi took a creative approach to this and one day in May 2015 she decided to make her son’s spelt pancake into a lion. The kid loved it and that’s how this incredible project was borne, and of course she named it after her son, Jacob. Since then her Instagram account has gathered over 100K followers and went viral.

Jacob’s Food Diaries were featured on multiple websites and even traditional media like CBS, ABC, The Today Show, Ellen got interested and either featured them or invited them to the studio. Even Martha Stewart was intrigued by this project.

Laleh’s creativity, passion for healthy foods, and growing popularity has given her incredible opportunities. She’s been able to collaborate with such huge companies like Disney, Universal Pictures, Nickelodeon, 20th Century Fox and even the famous cook Jamie Oliver.

Eventually Jacob’s Food Diaries grew to become a platform for parents and children, where they can find cool healthy recipes and get inspired. Take a look at some of the most impressive Jacob’s Food Diaries creations below and go follow them on Instagram or check out their website to learn more and get recipes.

1. Sully made with noodles with organic eggs, carrots, purple cabbage and radish.

2. Snow White spelt pancake with blackberries, blueberries, strawberries.

3. Chucky from Rugrats made with wild Australian salmon, mash potato, celery, red bell peppers and other vegetables.

4. Gru and the girls from Despicable Me made with mash potato, ham, pickles, wild rice, eggplant, smoked salmon and chia seeds.

5. Who said fun healthy food is just for kids? Adults can have it too!

6. Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast made with spelt and cocoa pancakes, plums, apples and strawberries.

7. Minnie Mouse made with black bean pasta, Napoletana sauce, mash potato, yellow carrots, red capsicum and bocconcini.

8. Rocket made with chicken, mash potato, wild rice and red bell pepper.

9. Brainy Smurf spelt pancakes, dyed blue using blue matcha with banana and apple .

10. Piglet dressed up as Rudolph made with free range chicken, potato mash dyed with beetroot, asparagus and carrots.

11. Scar from Lion King made with red lentil Dahl, wild rice and mash potato.

12. Winnie the Pooh made with spelt sweet potato gnocchi with Napoli and spinach sauce.

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