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The Best Adventure Date Ideas For Adrenaline Junkie Couples 》

With this perfect weather and all the chances to bask in the warm sun, it’s time to take
your significant other on some thrilling dates. From adventure novices to adrenaline seekers, these activities are perfect for dates because it gets your heart-rate pumping, and your body transfers that anxiety into a magnetic attraction. So bond with your lover and try out one of the adventures below!



1. Go to a theme park
There’s no better first couples’ selfie than a rollercoaster selfie! Get your guy to win you the that life-size stuffed lion in between exhilarating rides and funnel cake. Honestly, this idea has so many pros.



2. Go on a nature scavenger hunt
This doesn’t even involve organizing. You can scavenge for berries, or different types of plants (bae with botanical knowledge gets extra points). Hiking and some new plant knowledge sound like a refreshing date to us!

3. Go-Karting
Unleash your inner child and take your partner go-karting. You can release some pent up petty aggression while he fulfills his childhood Nascar dreams. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right?



4. Indoor sky-diving
For those of us who might get too-severe anxiety from real life, thousands of miles up in the clouds skydiving, but indoor skydiving is a cute and adventurous on a smaller scaleway to have fun.

5. Bungee jumping or zip-lining
Choosing an exotic location like Costa Rica would be incredible, but there’s probably some equally cool services in local nature near you. Outdoorsy babes will love this idea, whether it’s on some majestic island, or amongst the ferns in a forest near her.



6. Go rollerskating
Rent two pairs of these babes and head anywhere! It’ll inject a dose of adventure. Whether it’s the beach, downtown, or off the beaten track, skating through this date will be way more exciting than sitting in a boring, fancy restaurant.

7. Go horseback riding
Unless your date has an overwhelming fear of horses, this date is an awesome idea. It doesn’t have to be up some winding mountain – it can be at your local ranch, or maybe beachside (we know, sort of corny, but instead of a slow moonlit, rom-com inspired stroll, race each other!)



8. Trek to the stars
Climb to an insane vantage point to watch the stars above you. This is romantic and a great choice for hikers/climbers! Pack a picnic basket and a cozy blanket so you can snuggle up and nom on the snack rewards for earning that hike.

9. Hot air balloon ride
Go on a hot air balloon ride! Nothing pairs better with a glass of wine. As you rise to dizzying heights with your lover in the sky, you’ll get to share the memory of a view that neither of you will ever forget.



10. Get a tattoo together
While the last activity was memorable, we have a feeling that you’d remember this one a little more strongly. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a matching one, or one that marks your romance, but it’s definitely a bonding experience anyway. Not one you’d ever forget, that’s for sure!

11. Go salsa dancing
Much more exciting than an awkward club experience! Who wants to grind to terrible Top 40 tracks when you could be doing some sizzling choreography to salsa beats with other couples that aren’t sloppily pushing up against people and spilling drinks. A great prelude to a nightcap later on, if you catch our drift 😉

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