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The World’s 10 Greatest Cities For Food 》

An undeniable and unforgettable part of every tourist experience is the food. Yes, we come for the beaches, museums, architecture and scenery. But the way to our hearts is through our stomachs, when it comes to travel. Here are the top countries hitting home runs in their respective food scenes.



1. Rome
There’s a reason why food was a massive part of Eat, Pray Love. Filled with carbonara pasta, deep fried cod, and of course pizza, Italian food in any other country will be absolutely ruined for you after you eat in Rome. And don’t worry about them skimping out – quality and quantity come hand in hand, here.



2. NYC
New York always have chefs that are ahead of the game, and that’s part of the reason why tourists flock there every day, just to try a restaurant. Within a constantly evolving and fascinating dining scene based on dynamic trends, there are still must-try classics like Peter Luger steakhouse.


3. Paris
Even if you were born under a rock, you’ll know that Paris has some culinary clout in terms of their quality. It doesn’t come cheap, but Parisian dining is the ultimate in fine dining and elegance. Get ready for a lot of butter and addictive wine.



4. New Orleans
New Orleans is definitely known for jazz and drinking, but it’s also very famous for its decadent, seafood-heavy menus. From fried oysters, crawfish and lobster to irresistible beignets, there’s a food for everyone here, but it probably isn’t healthy.


5. Tokyo
Tokyo actually has more Michelin starts than any other city, and it fits every size budget. Choose from ultra-fresh sushi, katsu curry, or soul-warming ramen. But our favorite? Okomiyaki: a thick, juicy pancake filled with whatever you desire and topped with mayonnaise and BBQ sauce before being grilled and served.



6. Madrid
Throughout all of Spain there are some pretty impeccable cuisines, and a surprisingly diverse option. But the tapas in Madrid and the late night energy surrounding them is something that can’t be replicated. We prefer family-run spots over Michelin starred restaurants, but there’s something for everyone.


7. Bangkok
Bangkok is a lot more than Pad Thai – in the streets, you’ll feel the strong aromas of lemongrass, durian, chilies and galangal accost your nostrils in the best way possible. Their street food and supposed hole-in-the-wall spots are simply delicious.



8. Fez, Morocco
You haven’t had Cous Cous or Tagine unless you’ve had it in Fez. Apart from vibrant marketplaces, Fez boasts mouthwatering entrees such as the above. Musicians often play in public areas in the evening, making it the perfect soundtrack for the perfect meal.


9. London
Between street food, high-class gourmet eats and novelty food, there’s a colorful range of options that rivals New York. Whether you want Indian, traditional London food, or basically any other cuisine, the diversity is unlimited.



10. Singapore
Singapore has been lauded with many awards for innovation in Asian restaurants, and a ton of Michelin star-worthy entrees. Younger chefs taking creative liberties are creating a modern cuisine that’s truly revolutionary yet nostalgia-inducing.


11. Lima, Peru
One of the most famous dishes that Lima is famous for its alluring ceviche dish, which is raw fish cured with lime juice and a dash of chili, accompanied by raw onion and coriander. The fusion food in this city is absolutely phenomenal as well.

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