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Top 11 Reasons Why Girls Should Wear Whatever They Want 》

Being a woman comes with a boatload of issues that men simply don’t have to deal with, and style is a big part of that. Getting dressed isn’t as simple as picking any ol’ outfit, for us. We have to wonder if it’s appropriate for our age group, for school or work, or if our body types will be acceptable in it. We’re here to break all those rules and tell you to wear whatever the eff you want, embracing every detail of your beautiful self.



1. Because what you wear doesn’t represent your values, necessarily. If you want to wear fishnets, a miniskirt and a low cut shirt, all that means is that you’re proud of your body and feel comfortable showing it off.



2. Just because you’re a mom or a wife doesn’t mean you have to dress like a mormon. People like to create all these style rules for moms, but the fact that you made it through motherhood means you earned wearing whatever the hell you want to wear!

3. Because it will teach teen girls not to feel ashamed of their bodies. Dress codes at schools can be quite damaging, but being able to express yourself as you see fit is much healthier for your state of mind.



4. Because having curves doesn’t mean you need to cover them up. If anything, that extra body deserves to be wrapped in something that celebrates your body type and hugs you in just the right way.

5. Because age is just a number! When you’re in your 20s you don’t necessarily have to dress playful and flirty with light florals. Just as in your 30s you don’t need to start dressing in drab, serious clothing. Youth comes from the inside, remember that.



6. Because women already face enough judgement from a patriarchal society, and being scrutinized for the way you dress and why is the icing on the cake that we absolutely don’t need.

7. Because men’s boxers, dress shirts and other things from the guys’ department that wasn’t made for us are actually incredibly comfortable and look awesome on us.



8. Because censoring what women wear is a form of slut-shaming, and that’s absolutely not ok. Women can do what they want with their bodies, in their beds and in their wardrobes, but it doesn’t make them that crass word.

9. Because women don’t face the same wardrobe expectations as men, and it’s not fair. Women are expected to wear a skirt to the office and get flack for wearing a pantsuit. Choosing what you want to wear is fashion justice for all.



10. Because caring too much about whatever people thinks is unhealthy for your mind and soul. The ability to not care will make you feel a lot more liberated.

11. Because boys don’t make the rules – we make our own.

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