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Treat Yourself – A Perfect Gift Guide For Valentine’s Day 》

Valentine’s day can be a tough one. Not only for those who are single, but even for those who are in a relationship. Single folk can feel a bit lonely and left out on this day while every business out there tries to cater to couples. Those who are in a relationship or have a date might struggle to think of an appropriate gift for their partner. But guess what? We came up with a list of perfect gifts for girls on Valentine’s Day. And the best thing is that to get them you don’t even have to go outside and they’re suitable for those in couples and single gals too. You can show your partner this list as a little hint in days leading up to Valentine’s, and if you’re single – treat yourself!



1.‘One In A Million’ Initial Pendant Necklace by Kate Spade
A simple yet elegant pendant necklace will always be in style, and this gold pleated one by Kate Spade is an absolute classic. Choose a letter based on your name, or just go with “L” for love. These sort of pendants look good on their own and also mix well with other necklaces when creating a layered look, which makes it a definitely win for a gift.



2. Leather Cross-body Bag by SHINOLA
The beauty of a compact leather cross-body bag is that it goes with any outfit, whether you’re aiming for a casual street look or a romantic evening out. It’ll look great slung on your shoulder with a little black dress, and it’ll complete any casual outfit when worn across your body. If you choose a bag in classic colors like black, camel or burgundy – it’ll go well with any color palette and the fact that it’s made with leather will guarantee its longevity.

3. Flatbush Mini Kane Backpack
Holographic and metallic accessories are at the peak of popularity, so a silver quilted backpack will definitely be a welcome addition to any street look. So if you or your partner is girl who likes to add a little sparkle to her outfit – this backpack is #goals.

4. Karen Scallop Ankle Strap Sandal by PELLE MODA
Everyone knows that ankle strap heels are superior to any other heels, simply because of the support they provide. So who wouldn’t want to add a pair of lovely ankle strap sandals to their shoe collection. Especially if they’re suede and scalloped, which makes them even more stylish and elegant.



5. Quincy Boot by UGG
However, if you live in a colder climate, especially one where it actually snows during winter – warm UGGs might be preferable. And you know UGGs don’t have to be bulky, the kind seen on kids on their way to school on a snow day. They can be stylish, comfortable and super cozy at the same time.

6. Kasen Genuine Sheepskin Lined Bootie by UGG
And just in case you weren’t convinced that UGGs can be as trendy and stylish as any other shoe by the previous pair of boots, here’s another model that will go well with most outfits, look trendy yet stay warm thanks to the sheepskin lining and comfortable thanks to the sturdy chunky heel.

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