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You might associate flower crowns with music festivals and coachella in particular, but for Ukrainian women flower crowns have been part of their national heritage for hundreds of years.

In the past, the flower crown, “vinok” in Ukrainian, was associated with purity. Young girls used to wear them to signify their youth and beauty. Wearing flower crowns for one’s wedding was also a big tradition in the past.

However, that tradition was forgotten for years, and women stopped wearing flower crowns. It became something archaic, and only suitable for those taking part in some historical reenactments or being part of some national quire.

But after the 2014 revolution in Ukraine, flower crowns are coming back.

Now they’re becoming a symbol of hope for the better future, a symbol of peace and national pride. It’s becoming once again popular to wear them to social events and special occasions, even weddings.

Ukrainian workshop Treti Pivni (Third Roosters) are becoming well known all over the world for taking beautiful photos of ukrainian women wearing traditional clothes and floral wreaths on their heads.

As their Facebook states – Workshop “Third Roosters ” are a team of photographers, stylists, makeup artists and promoters who are united by their love for Ukraine and sincere desire to open to the world the beauty and uniqueness of Ukrainian culture through photography.

To show the richness of traditional mores of different parts of the country that we’ve managed to retain to this day.

You can follow them on Instagram @third_roosters and find out more about their work and their mission.

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