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What’s Your Perfect Engagement Ring According to Your Zodiac Sign 》

Lots of women dream about a perfect engagement ring. They want it to be beautiful and stylish, big enough to be worthy of bragging, but not so big it’s garish, delicate enough to look good on their hand, with a gorgeous diamond in the middle, and of course, on top of all that it has to be unique. Well ladies, that’s going to be hard to explain to your partner, so we thought we’d give you some advice that might help you choose a perfect engagement ring according to your Zodiac sign.



1. Aries
Aries are usually pretty confident, which means they can pull off almost anything. An engagement ring for Aries should be showy, but not over-sized, and preferably with a big bright gem in the middle. How about a ruby surrounded with small diamonds?



2. Taurus
Taurus girls are quite romantic so the ring for them has to be perfect. They like classic combinations of white gold and diamonds – the more the better. This will be a source of pride for them so they don’t mind the size. And if there’s some pink diamonds in it – they’ll be over the moon.

3. Gemini
Gemini love surprised and aren’t afraid of change. In fact their taste and style might change from day to day, so their diamond ring needs to be unique. It has to represent their ever-changing style, yet fit with everything at the same time. We suggest a touch of gold and a diamond of an interesting shape.



4. Cancer
Cancers like classy things. White and silver are the best colors in their eyes, so getting a ring in white gold or platinum with a pearl and some diamonds in it will make them very happy. It’s something that will look elegant, fit nicely into their style, and also please their classy taste.

5. Leo
Leos are generally loud and proud. They know how to make an impression and they enjoy the attention, so their ring should reflect that too. Going with a yellow diamond is a great idea for Leos, it’s an unusual color for a diamond, so it’ll catch people’s attention and reflect their warm personality at the same time.



6. Virgo
Virgos are known for their attention to detail. They will analyze their ring from every angle and appreciate all of the little touches, the shine of the gem, the curve of the band – it’s all very important. They also love delicate and practical things, so a big rock on their hand won’t feel right. A delicate gold band with a single diamond in the middle is just perfect for a Virgo.

7. Libra
Dark blue shades suit Libras the best, so going for an engagement ring with a sapphire in it is always a good idea. Getting a ring with a braided band in white gold with diamonds and sapphires in it is even better. It’ll appeal to Libras love for balance.



8. Scorpio
Scorpios are pretty special, they like to stand out, but not in a bright and colorful way. They prefer dark colors and their style can be best described as dangerously cool, so a classic diamond is way too on the nose of them. But black diamonds – now we’re talking, add a couple of rubies and you’ve got yourself a perfect engagement ring for a Scorpio.

9. Sagittarius
Sagittarius ladies are adventurous, they like everything unusual, but also have great taste and appreciate when something is simple yet unique. So going for a white gold band with diamonds is a great idea, but adding a purple spinel – that’s the cherry on top. In case you didn’t know, purple is a power color for Sagittarius.



10. Capricorn
Capricorns have a sophisticated taste and can always appreciate a well crafted ring. They would love something classic, but unique at the same time. We suggest sticking with diamonds, but instead of going for one big diamond, focus on an interesting shape of the ring and have lots of small diamonds all around.

11. Aquarius
Turquoise is a great color for Aquarius, it suits them well, and they don’t mind standing out. They love having a unique twist on everything and an engagement ring isn’t an exception. We suggest getting a ring that will stand out in both shape and color, and incorporate some turquoises of course.



12. Pisces
Pisces love sea green, it’s their power color, so getting a ring with a green gem or perhaps even a bluish green diamond is a great idea. It’ll evoke visions of the ocean in their mind and also go well with the whole metaphor of their astrological sign.

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