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10 Benefits Of Oats For Skin, Hair, And Health 》

Oats are incredible in so many ways. We can all agree that oatmeal is one of the greatest things you can eat for breakfast – it’s healthy, yummy, low on calories, and can be boosted with all kinds of tasty stuff like nuts, berries, and honey. Yet this is not all! You’ve probably heard that nowadays they even make special vegan oat milk (which tastes ridiculously good). Apart from eating oats, you can do many other things with them to improve your health and beauty. Want to know more? Here are 10 benefits of oats for skin, hair, and health.



Oats will help you lose weight
Oatmeal is a great breakfast choice for a reason. It is packed with fibre, which helps you remain satiated for a longer period of time. Whole grains in general are great for metabolism and regulation of body weight. According to some studies oats also prevent obesity. What’s not to like?



Slip some oats into a rejuvenating bath
Dermatologists agree on one thing – oats are amazing for your skin. Oatmeal helps with dry skin, relieves itchiness, and increases skin’s pH levels. Oat baths also help cure all kinds of rashes like dermatitis or eczema. You can use oats simply for moisturizing and softening your skin. It’s that good!


Heal acne
Cooked oats are also beneficial for your skin health. They are known to absorb oil, which can really help reduce your acne and eventually make it go away. Save some cooked oats from you breakfast meal and apply them to your face. You’ll start noticing the healing effect after some time.



Treat dry scalp
Because oats have such amazing moisturizing properties that are great for your skin in general, it doesn’t come as a surprise that your scalp can benefit from oats, too. Apply an oat mask to your scalp several times a month to get rid of dryness and itchiness.


Improve your skin tone
Oats not only moisturize your skin, but they also help improve its tone. Apply some oats to sunburnt or suntanned skin for a lightening effect. It works like a charm!



Use instead of breadcrumbs
We use breadcrumbs in cooking quite a lot, but they aren’t the healthiest choice. Instead, you can use oats as they have the same (if not better!) binding properties. You’ll just have to grind them first.


Create a perfect scrub
Oats are one of the best natural exfoliants that are 100% organic and are tender enough to treat your skin with care. To make your skin more radiant, mix some uncooked oats and water and gently massage your face to exfoliate dead skin cells. You’ll feel the difference immediately!


Simply wash your face
You’ve probably noticed that oats become quite gooey when mixed with water. Well, that goo is exactly what makes them perfect for cleansing your skin! It’s packed with compounds that soothe skin and keep it moisturized.



Improve your sleep quality
Oats can be quite sedative and great for sleep improvement, especially when paired with milk and honey for a healthy, easy evening snack. They help your body produce melatonin, which is responsible for your sound sleep.


Treat dandruff
You can prepare a perfect remedy for dandruff with just one cup of oatmeal and a few other ingredients. Grind oatmeal into fine powder, add two cups of hot water, one teaspoon of apple cider, a tablespoon of lemon juice, and stir well. Add some essential oil of your choice, pour the whole mixture into a bottle, and use it on damp hair. Works like a charm!

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