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10 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have 》

We know. Sometimes, it’s tempting to be a garbage person – being lazy is the best! Instead of cooking a nutritious, wholesome dinner, you want to hunch over your kitchen sink eating potato chips while you watch Real Housewives. But it’s really vital to take care of our bodies and abide by these healthy tips in order to be your best self.



1. Get eight hours of sleep every night
Ok, we’ll take seven as well, but you should try to not get less than that on a regular basis. Sleep helps make us more functional, and it’s the most essential healing and restoration time that we can get. Women use more of their brains than men, so they definitely need more sleep, right?



2. Meal prep, and with healthy ingredients
It’s always better to cook and know your own ingredients as opposed to getting gross takeout every night. Tempting, yes, but not good for your body in any sense. Prep lil’ fruit and granola yogurt parfaits and salads to bring as office meals, or between classes.

3. Keep a bottle of water in your purse
Hydrating is probably the most important thing in life. People who say they hate drinking water, we will never understand you. Your organs, skin, and a bunch of other stuff will benefit greatly.

4. Find a workout class you absolutely love
Or join ClassPass so you can figure out what type of workout you love! Whether it’s a ballet barre class, Pilates, or a spinning class (for nature aficionados, biking a trail), working out is invigorating and necessary. Even 20 minutes a day will help.



5. Always carry an emergency condom
Safe sex should always be a priority, no matter what. And condoms too, unless you’re on birth control and in a committed, monogamous relationship. You can’t risk the fabulous lady life you have now with a potential unwanted pregnancy or gnarly STD! And since men don’t usually take responsibility, you should have one of these on you.

6. Stop obsessing over your smartphone and spending every minute on it
There’s a time and place for everything. When you’re at dinner with the besties or having quality family time, stop Snapchatting. Put your phones in a bowl to avoid temptation. Same goes for work emails. There was a time before our lives were Black Mirror, remember that!

7. Don’t skimp on those doctor visits
Especially your gynecologist! We know in some places, insurance can be expensive and not a part of your job, necessarily, but your health (gynecological, dental, or otherwise) needs to be something you pay attention to and treat preciously.



8. Stick to that one glass of red wine a night
You can always have the occasional turn up night, or enjoy a good whiskey before bed, but drinking in moderation is key. Red wine contains antioxidants that are awesome for your health, and who doesn’t want a nice Malbec after a long day at work?

9. Try going vegetarian at least two days a week
Going meatless is beneficial to both the environment and our diets. It’s good to spend a couple of days focusing on your whole grains, veggies and legumes – you know, soul-nourishing foods, instead of shoveling a plateful of bacon down your throat. No judgement! But taking some min breaks will make you feel better, and help our planet.

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