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10 Top Trending Destinations For Thanksgiving 2017 》

Thanksgiving is a time when most Americans travel to their home cities, to visit their parents and close relatives and celebrate this day with family. As great as that sounds, it doesn’t always turn out as idyllic in real life. Everyone travels at the same time – which causes huge lines in airports, increased prices for flights, a lot of grumpiness and rudeness, because everyone is in a rush and on top of it all – family get together are always a bit stressful. So this year we suggest you put that plan on hold and instead consider going away for Thanksgiving. You can do it alone or with your family, it doesn’t matter. The point is to go to a new and interesting location, explore and relax, while most will be slaving away in their kitchens cooking the huge dinner and then stuffing themselves at the dinner table – getting “gutted up” as my aunt Jane used to say! So, get out of town. Here are the top trending destinations for Thanksgiving 2017!



1. Honolulu, Hawaii
If you want to get away from your family and spend some quality time chilling in a warm place – Honolulu is a great choice. It’s warm, it’s sunny, your family is nowhere in sight and you can still get a Thanksgiving feast at a quality restaurant if you wish.



2. Tuscon, Arizona
If a Thanksgiving feast if what you’re after – Tuscon, Arizona is the place for you. Most restaurants here offer an incredible Thanksgiving dinner, and some even have Thanksgiving buffets. Can you image? An all you can eat Thanksgiving buffet – yum!

3. New York, NY
New York is a great place to go with friends or to make some new friends. I mean, there’s a reason the TV show ‘FRIENDS’ was set in NY. It’s a place you’ll always have fun, plus you’ll get a chance to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade IRL instead of watching it on TV as per usual. This parade is a tradition stretching back to 1924 and never disappoints with excitement.



4. Fairbanks, Alaska
If you’re done with Fall and are already in the Christmas mood, you might want to go to Alaska. By the time it’s Thanksgiving it’s usually covered in snow and here’s the best part – you’ll get to see the Northern Lights. I’m in!

5. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
If you want to hit the beach before your Thanksgiving dinner – Fort Lauderdale is the place for you. And if you’re worried about gaining some pounds at the Thanksgiving gathering – consider taking part in the annual Fort Lauderdale Turkey Trot beforehand. Get up, meet the sun, go for a jog or walk on coast highway A1A; it assuages one’s guilt beautifully for the huge amount of food you will eat later on!



6. Brussels, Belgium
While America is busy celebrating Thanksgiving, Brussels is slowly getting ready for Christmas this time of year. You’ll be able to visit all sorts of Christmas markets, enjoy the beautiful architecture and forget all about turkey, because you’ll be way too busy having yummy Belgian waffles.

7. Rome, Italy
Italy is another great option for a Thanksgiving getaway. Who needs that turkey dinner when you can wine and dine in Italian restaurants, have the best pizza, pasta and gelato in the world and also go visit the Colosseum on your way back to the hotel?

8. Nice, France
Most people, when they think of visiting France – think of Paris. But Nice is a very nice option too. See what we did there? Nice is nice. (OMG, did I really do that!) Anyway, Nice is a great place to just chill out, have a glass of wine and live that great French lifestyle of waking up at noon and having croissants for breakfast.



9. Madrid, Spain
Summers in Spain can get ridiculously hot, but autumn and winter here is pretty mellow – a perfect time to explore the city and its gorgeous architecture. The restaurants here are incredible, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on the feasting part of Thanksgiving at all. It’s a win-win for all.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Let’s be honest, Amsterdam is gorgeous all year round. There’s no specific time you should aim for when visiting this awe-inspiring city. But if you want a truly mellow Thanksgiving, consider taking your loved one to Amsterdam and having some brownies or moon cakes BEFORE the turkey. A true Bart Simpson moment – Like, WOW man!

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