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10 Ways to Balance Your Personal Life and Career 》

Everyone dreams of getting to the next level with their career. But often, when you’re on that uphill journey, you forget about all the other little things that contribute to your happiness. You neglect your relationships and friendships, and forget to show up to that weekly family dinner. Here’s some tips on how to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal live so that you can thrive and be your best self.



1. Have chunks of time when you’re away from your phone – if you’re scared about an important client going to voicemail, just keep it in a different room. Key to not feeling that you’re not a slave to your smart device.



2. Plan date night! Neglecting the little things in your relationship like dressing up to go to dinner or a movie can often lead to a breakup or at least a lull in your relationship. It’s like a plant. Tend to it weekly and it will still thrive.

3. Even better than quality time with a loved one – set aside some quality time for yourself. Me time often turns into you doing things for other people or get your errands done, but instead, just read a book or take a bubble bath, something that is truly self-pampering.



4. If you’re not already a morning person, try to become one! Unless you workday starts at 6am, waking up a couple of hours early allows for some reflection and me-time, whether that means meditation, a run, or breakfast in bed with a loved one.

5. On a connected note…if you choose the run, your body and brain will thank you. 20-30 minutes of physical activity will help you remain alert, and hold on to focus, more than a crash-and-burn 20oz coffee would provide. If you want the boost in productivity, get that heart-rate up and break a sweat!



6. We know that your work life is over-scheduled, but schedule your personal life too in order to hone in on quality time. Without this, you might just lie around in bed and waste that free time…before you know it, it’s Monday, and you’re back to the drudgery.

7. Spend your time at work more effectively. Instead of texting friends, online shopping or checking Instagram once an hour, turn your social accounts off, and you’ll end up leaving work at 430pm instead of 8pm!

8. This isn’t always easy to pull off, but a family-friendly workplace will go a long way in helping maintain balance. Some offices are ruthless – they don’t care about your spouse or kids – the work is the end all and be all. A family-friendly workplace will be more supportive because they see you as a human and not just a resource.



9. At work, set daily goals. Often, things snowball because we either put them off, or aren’t keeping track of them. Setting goals that are tiny and manageable will help you feel more accomplished and not like your life is out of control. A daily to-do list can really help with this.

10. Make sure that if you’re overwhelmed, you’re telling someone about it. Getting support and opening up is not only important in being able to handle work, but in your home life too. This can even improve your health and immune system!

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