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11 Essential Tips to Become More Self-Assured 》

With everything in the world out there, it’s hard to always be confident in what you think, and what you do. You look to the voices of others to reassure that you’re going in the right direction. Learning how to be more self-assured will help you realize how to go with your gut instinct and trust yourself more, which is infinitely valuable.



1. Instead of focusing on negative self talk and gossip about others, focus on uplifting yourself and other. Think about your plans for the future and focus on the positive – that ambition will help propel you forward, while negative thoughts will keep you stagnant and insecure.



2. You’re allowed to say “no”! Especially for women, who often find it hard to say this word. Saying “no” isn’t negative. It just means you don’t make unrealistic promises. It helps you be sure your actions and decision align with your goals and passions. Overcommitting is way worse than realistically committing.

3. Really try to explore the “why” behind everything you do or think. If you are constantly acting without the true motive, are you truly knowing yourself? This act is reflective rather than an overthinking agent, and will help you become more introspective, which is a coveted skill.



4. Don’t see failure as a disappointment, but as a learning moment. Failure is always an opportunity to grow, and makes our skin tougher. Every time you persevere through a tough journey, you make it through the other side even stronger than you started!

5. On a related note, learn to embrace your so called flaws and imperfections. This will only increase your confidence. Nobody is perfect, and trying to be so isn’t efficient. It’s a time waster and stopping you from seeing your best self which is perfect in its own way!



6. Self-assurance is also all in the body language. Don’t cross your arms, and don’t avoid eye contact. It makes you look insecure. Instead, stand up with your shoulders straight, and remember that nobody likes a limp handshake! Stay firm and decisive.

7. Try to speak concisely and assertively. This doesn’t mean bossy and aggressive. It just means think about what you say, and pause to regain your thoughts instead of throwing a bunch of “ums” “uhs” and “likes”. This is a sign of leadership and cool, collected confidence.



8. Focus on listening rather than speaking. While speaking is valuable, listening is even more valuable. Careful listen allows you to realize that you don’t need to shout to be heard. It means that not only do you trust your own judgement, but you can accept the constructive criticism of others and learn even more.

9. Own your feelings! You’re not crazy for feeling jealous, or upset, or that something is unfair. Owning your emotions will help you understand them better. And will help you stop from blaming others. This will make it easier for you to live your truth and for others to understand you. Just make sure you utilize the last point and listen to others as well 😉



10. Remember that life isn’t a popularity concert. If you’re always worried about what other people think or aspiring to be popular, you’re not connecting to your true authentic self, and you’re stopping yourself from being more self-assured.

11. What you own or have isn’t the same as who you are! Never equate your income or material belongings with your true soul and sense of self, because they have nothing to do with each other. Believe in yourself and your worth outside of your annual income.

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