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We are all searching for someone to spend our live with, someone’s smile to wake up to in the morning, and someone to tell us we are ok when things go wrong. Love is what keeps this world moving and few are so lucky to be in its presence. You never know when or how you are going to meeting the one and maybe you have already met him: if you are unsure of your feelings but believe in your heart that there is something there we are here to help you figure it all out. Here are 11 signs you have found someone you should never let go.



1. He is supportive
You took up a new hobby? He is at the store shopping for all the supplies for you. You decided to change your hair to purple? He is holding your hand during a session with a colorist. He is always there for you and you know he will support your every idea. If he is that guy? Yes girl, do not let him out of your sight.



2. He is confident
If you found a guy who knows what he is doing with his life and who is confident in any and all of his decisions – hold on tight. Confidence comes from self-respect: if he knows how to respect himself he is definitely capable of respecting everyone around him. A rare find, girl!

3. He makes you feel at ease
There are people who feel like home even though you are physically 1000 miles away. If your boy makes you feel comfortable, calm, and relaxed without even trying – girl, you found your soulmate. Pay him back in love and care and treasure your union!



4. He makes butterflies in your stomach dance
You know you are in love when every time he is approaching you (even when he is just coming back from the bathroom in a restaurant) you feel a certain excitement in your stomach. Some people refer to it as a ‘gut feeling’ or ‘magic’. All we know for sure is that if you found it – keep it.

5. He is passionate
Someone who can keep the passion alive even after a few months of going on dates is someone who is with you for the long haul. Making an effort is a must in every relationship that sometimes gets overlooked or misplaced by that ‘real life’. Don’t let that happen to you!



6. He knows how to compromise
Relationships are hard work. We all want to be right all the time and keep the focus on ourselves. However, if he knows when to step back and find a solution that works for you two – he is a keeper. Someone who is willing to put in the work is someone who will stick around to see that work blossom.

7. He is kind and attentive
No one expects to have their partner bring breakfast to bed every morning. Nice little gestures that are sometimes unexpected – those are the absolute best. Did he bring you lunch to work last week? Or cleaned your house when you were gone? Those are the true signs of someone who cares.



8. He is energetic
We all need someone who will be up for an adventure. When life takes over and you have to go to work and do your ‘adult’ things your partner always finds a way to keep those adventures going. That is the kind of boy you need to grow old with, don’t you think?

9. He is open to new things
No one says that your routine should be non-existent and that every day should be a movie. However, we all know that stale life = boring life. If he is someone who likes to try new things and new places he just might be the one keeping the flame going!



10. He is always there when you need him
No matter if it is a good occasion or a sad one – he is always there for you. Someone who is by your side no matter what is someone who will bring the much needed joy and comfort in the future. Keep this one!

11. He is not afraid to share his feelings with you
Communication is a key to every relationship. Even though we all go through a phase where we date the ‘strong and silent’ type – someone who can share his thoughts and worries with you is someone who you need to keep in your life. That one who will never lie. Don’t you agree?

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