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12 Absolutely Breathtaking Honeymoon Destinations According To Your Zodiac Sign 》

Wedding is one of the happiest events in a woman’s life, but it can also become quite stressful with all the planning and arrangements that need to be done. Honeymoons, on the other hand, are meant to be stress-free as you and your partner spend quality time together without the distractions of family and friends. So how do you pick your ideal honeymoon spot? You should think about how passive or active you want it to be and whether you want to hide up in the mountains or enjoy the vibrant nightlife of an exotic escape. Stars also have a lot to say about your character and the best place for you to spend the honeymoon. In fact, you might get inspired by just reading what they have in stall for you! Here are 12 absolutely breathtaking honeymoon destinations according to your Zodiac sign.



Aries – Cambodia and Laos
Aries women are always looking for some adventurous getaways, and what better way to spend your honeymoon than venture into the wild of Laos and Cambodia? Laos, famous for its islands and splendid natural sights, will keep you busy for days with its waterfalls, kayaking, and simple, yet scrumptious cuisine. Cambodia is most famous for its Angkor Wat temples that date back thousands of years, as well as picturesque old architecture paired with exquisite French bakeries and cafes.



Taurus – Hawaii
Taurus ladies like all things traditional, whether it’s a fluffy white wedding dress or a classy exotic honeymoon somewhere warm. You are totally okay with spending your honeymoon on the U.S. ground, but would still like it to be a luxurious place with spas and breathtaking sunsets – the ones you can find on Hawaii! Hawaii’s high-end resorts offer plenty of packages that will save you some money, and that’s something Taurus ladies really like in any kind of vacation.

Gemini – Spain
Gemini ladies are known for their indecisiveness and abilities to question everything till the very last minute. This is exactly why Spain is their best honeymoon destination! Start with Barcelona for the ultimate vacation experience that includes everything from yummy cuisine and stunning Gaudi architecture to vibrant nightlife and world famous historical sights. It’s impossible to get bored in Barcelona, but if you somehow manage to do it, you can just move on to enjoy the sights of Madrid and the madness of Ibiza. The party doesn’t have to stop!



Cancer – Thailand
Cancer women want to spend their honeymoon fully enjoying their partner’s company. This means no crowded places and mad parties for you. You want an intimate location where you and your husband can relax and just be yourselves without the fuss of active social life, and that’s exactly why you should go to Phuket, Thailand. Surrounded by azure waters, this quiet island is filled with natural bliss and restaurants with yummy cuisine that will make your honeymoon experience truly unforgettable.

Leo –Tahiti
Leo ladies want their wedding to be picture perfect and their honeymoon as grand as possible. You are one of those women who aren’t afraid to try new things, in fact, you crave them! That’s why you need an exotic destination that offers both stunning views and impeccable service. Head to the islands of Tahiti to experience the ultimate luxury of an expensive, yet absolutely unique honeymoon. The bright waters of Bora Bora will quench your thirst for vibrant nature and provide you with the royal treatment that you deserve.



Virgo – India
Virgo women are too practical for their own good – some even think that it’s best not to go on a honeymoon at all to save money. But this is the time when you need to listen to your friends and family and just go for it! You need a place filled with calm, magic, and staggering nature sights. India can offer you all that, and more! Don’t stop in any of the big cities and head straight to the hills and jungles of Kerala. Filled with tea plantations and rice fields, this tranquil state of India also has some of the best Ayurveda resorts and meditation centres. Spend a week or two with your hubby relaxing into your new life. You won’t regret it!

Libra – Austria
Libra women like to be surrounded with culture and fine arts, that’s why their perfect honeymoon destination would be in Europe. Head to the picturesque Vienna and enjoy its exquisite architecture as well as amazing art scene that is filled with works of classic and modern artists. Start your day with a cup of hot coffee in a small café hidden in the narrow streets of Vienna and move on to exploring this magnificent cultural hub.



Scorpio – Indonesia
Most Scorpios are in desperate need to re-connect with Mother Nature, that’s why you should definitely head to a place that is filled with colourful plants, vibrant trees, and lots of greens to calm you down. Forget about controlling everything for a while and enjoy the peaceful bliss of Bali that is basically packed with amazing things to do. Chill on the beaches in the north of Bali or head south to enjoy some surfing waves, go hiking to the dormant volcano or spend the whole day in your bungalow sipping on fresh fruit juice. It’s the best place to be!

Sagittarius – Africa
Sagittarius is one of the most outdoorsy Zodiac signs, so no wonder Sagittarius ladies crave adventure even during the honeymoon. So why not go to Africa? It may not seem like the most romantic getaway at first, but with some planning it will become a truly unforgettable experience for both you and your partner. Head to Kenya and spend a few days in Nairobi to get a feeling what Africa is like, then move to the picturesque Serengueti National Park and get closer to nature as you go on an adventurous safari. You can also explore local tribes and find out more about African culture as you travel!



Capricorn – The Dominican Republic
Capricorn women just need to relax after all the hardships of the wedding, that’s why they should go to a fairly romantic and not too busy spot somewhere nice and warm. Numerous resorts of the Dominican Republic are ideal for this type of honeymoon! You’ll be absolutely delighted to spend your days just chilling by the pool with your hubby or doing some diving and kayaking. For you it’s all about spending quality time with your partner without any distractions whatsoever.

Aquarius – Iceland
Aquarius ladies always seek an experience that is different from everything they’ve tried before. Going on a honeymoon to a luxurious exotic island? That’s too boring for you, Aquarius girls. You’d better dive into the dreamy ambience of faraway Iceland and explore its magnificent nature filled with waterfalls, mountains, and glaciers. You also don’t like big crowds, so spending time alone with your husband out in the wild would be a perfect honeymoon for you.



Pisces – Morocco
Morocco is one of the most colourful and inspirational places in the world, that’s why a Pisces woman would absolutely love to spend her honeymoon there. You want your honeymoon to be exotic, yet not secluded. You want it to be filled with unusual foods and quiet places for just the two of you. In Morocco you can find everything from a spectacular (and incredibly romantic) ride on a balloon to white sand beaches and crazy markets. This is definitely your ideal honeymoon destination!

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