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Finally the scarf and coat season is here. You can forget about the bikini and relax plunging into something more cozy, warm and soft…However, don’t forget to be stylish even on the coldest days. If you still think that scarf is just a boring accessory to warm up your neck and shoulders you are so wrong, because there are plenty of stylish ways to wear scarfs this season. So grab your scarf and let’s go!



1. The Bunny Ear
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_01Bunny Ear is a simple way to tie your scarf and it suits any clothing style.

• Put your scarf over your neck with one end longer than the other
• Loop the longer end around your neck twice
• Take the end you looped and put it into second loop. Tie the knot
• The loops of the scarf should be over the knot, so that ends dangled like bunny ears. That’s it!



2. Boho Loop
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_02Winter is not the reason to forget about boho style. At least your scarf can always add some boho to your every day clothes.

• Place the middle of the scarf in front of your neck
• Cross the ends behind your shoulders
• Bring both ends to the front
• Fit one end of the scarf through the loop (and repeat it several times) or loosely tie a knot and tighten it to your neck.

3. The Waterfall Scarf Knot
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_03If you want to make an accent on your scarf, the waterfall knot is a perfect way to wear it.

• Start as you did with bunny ear. Put the scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other.
• Loop the longer end of the scarf once.
• Put the end that you looped and over the top of scarf .
• Fit the top corner into the loop. The unattached side is left loose and looks like a waterfall.

4. The European Loop
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_04Want to show some European style? No problem! It will take you a few seconds and little effort at all to tie the scarf this way.

• Take your scarf by the middle and fold it in half
• Put the folded scarf over shoulders (with non-folded end longer)
• Put the non-folded end into the loop and tighten to your neck. Ready!



5. Wrap and Tie
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_05It looks like a more complicated version of the European loop and will definitely fit the classic coat and heels kind of outfit.

• Put the scarf at the front of your neck with the ends over your shoulders
• Cross the ends behind your shoulders and bring the ends back to the front
• Tie the sides in the front into the tight knot.

6. Cowboy Style
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_06Feel a bit like Western today (as in Cowboyish)? Then grab your jeans, cowboy hat and tie the scarf cowboy style. It will definitely spice your casual style.

• Take a square scarf and fold it into triangle
• Put two ends together behind your neck and the other end of triangle at the front
• Tie the knot behind your neck
• Fit the upside down triangle over your chest and make it loose

7. Turtleneck
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_07This is a great way to hide your neck totally and keep it super warm.

• Put scarf over shoulders, one end much longer then the other
• Loop the scarf around neck 3-4 times (depends on scarf length)
• Tie the ends in the knot
• Fit the knot under the loop to hide the excess fabric



8. Infinity Twist
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_08Infinity scarfs are the best because they are so easy to adjust. Try the following way.

• Put an infinity scarf around your neck
• Twirl the scarf in front creating figure 8
• Loop the opposite end around your neck. Voila!

9. The BT Standard

stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_09The BT standard looks interesting and intricate but is really easy to tie.

• Fold the scarf in half and put it over shoulders (like in case with European loop)
• Put one of the ends under and through the loop
• Put the other end over and through the loop
• Adjust the scarf on your chest

10. Loose and Belted
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_10Your scarf may be not an accessory only but a major part of your clothes. It will make you look really feminine and sophisticated.

• Take a long scarf. Drape scarf around the neck with two equal ends loose
• Put a thin belt over the scarf and fix it on the waist



11. Two Knots at the Ends
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_11This is another option to wear your scarf loose and casually, adding charm to your look.

• Put the scarf around shoulders, both ends hanging loose
• Tie a knot on one end of the scarf
• Keep symmetry doing the same knot on the other end

12. Blanket Scarf
stylish_ways_to_wear_scarf_this_winter_12Blanket scarf is a hit of this season. It is more an autumn option but will definitely warm up cold dry winter days. The amazing thing about this scarf is that you can wrap it any way you want – and it will look right.

• Drape it over the shoulders
• Loop it around your neck loose
• Tie the ends on the back of your neck
• Or just randomly wrap up with it like it is a real blanket!
Keep warm and scarf it up!

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