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13 Christmas Recipes To Impress Your Friends And Family With 》

Christmas is a time for family, gifts, hot chocolate with marshmallows and an absurd amount of fairy lights and Christmas tree decorations. It’s the most wonderful and magical time of the year. But you know what else it is? A time for stuffing your belly with some incredible foods and it’s a great chance to impress your friends and family with your cooking skills. That’s why we searched the internet for some delicious recipes and compiled them in a handy list for you to read and choose from.



1. Festive Brioche With Camembert
Every Christmas table needs a good centerpiece, and way too often it’s some sort of candle, bouquet or inedible decoration. This year, why not make a lovely brioche centerpiece with baked Camembert in the middle, so you and your guests can pull it apart and dip it in the melty cheese. It’s actually not difficult at all to cook, just takes a little forethought and preparation.



2. Cranberry Brie Pastry Wreath
Another great edible centerpiece for Christmas we found is a cranberry brie pastry. It looks festive as hell and tastes absolutely scrumptious. Plus, it’s even easier to make because you can buy frozen puff pastry and then all you need to do is thaw it and wrap some cheese and cranberries in it and bake. All together it’ll take you no more than 30 minutes to make.

3. French Goat Cheese On Mushrooms
This amazing started barely needs any cooking, it’s mostly assembling and shoving into the oven for a couple of minutes. But the result is classy, delicious and is sure to win the hearts of any vegetarian guests you might have.



4. Sweet Potato Rosti
If you want a satisfying dish for Christmas we highly suggest this sweet potato rosti. It’s got everything: hearty sweet potato, lots of veggies and beans, and a perfect poached egg on top. Can you imagine how wonderfully all these flavors will mix? We sure can.



5. Truffled Parsnip Soup with Hazelnuts and Bacon
Not many people think of soup when it comes to Christmas dinner, and if you’re one of them you need to try it. It’s the perfect cozy meal to have on a winter night, but the truffle oil in this one makes it extra special and perfect for a festive occasion such as Christmas.

6. The Best Roast Turkey
Turkey is a must at every Christmas table, so we really made sure to find the best recipe out there and decided that no one makes is better than Jamie Oliver. It truly is the best roast turkey you’ll ever try.



7. Roasted Mushrooms With Butter Garlic Sauce
Side dishes are vital at Christmas dinner. Some of your guests or family members might be vegetarian, or have some allergies, so having a selection of simple but yummy side dishes is a must. These roasted mushrooms are quick and easy to make but the taste is to die for.

8. Roasted Carrots With Tahini and Pomegranate
Roasted carrots are a classic, but these come with a twist. Instead of honey glazed carrots most people serve for dinner, there come with a delicious Tahini sauce and pomegranate seeds, which add a festive and juice element to the whole dish. And as a bonus – this dish is completely vegan.



9. Hasselback Potatoes With Gorgonzola & Honey
Instead of serving your guests regular roast potatoes we suggest you try making these Hasselback potatoes with Gorgonzola and honey. This recipe take the good old potatoes to a whole new level, while keeping the hearty and satisfying quality of the dish.

10. Cranberry Almond Spinach Salad
A lot of Christmas dishes can be quite stodgy so it’s always good to have at least one salad on the table. When you have so many hearty and filling dishes at once you really need something refreshing and light in that mix and this cranberry almond spinach salad seems perfect for that.



11. Mint Crisp Caramel Christmas Cake
Who could possibly refuse an ice-cream cake? It’s every child’s dream, and let’s be honest, even as adults we’re still quite impartial to ice-cream cake. This one is just the perfect amount of sweet with a hint of freshness thanks to that crisp mint flavor.

12. Christmas Rocky Road
If there’s one person who knows how to make incredibly delectable desserts it’s Nigella. These rocky road bars are full of chocolate, nuts, cherries and marshmallows. They’re rich in flavor and perfectly sweet in taste, with a note of amaretto. A perfect treat for Christmas.



13. Christmas Pavlova Wreath
We really did want to stop at 12 Christmas dishes, it seemed perfect and traditional, but we simply couldn’t let you go without sharing this incredible Christmas pavlova recipe. So if you like your desserts on the lighter side and fruitier – this is the best choice you could ever make.

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