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When you’re out with your man, enjoying the night, and a slightly-too-friendly girl comes out of nowhere with laser eyes set on him, it’s never a pleasant experience. But it’s one that happens all too frequently, and while it’s hard to simmer down that boiling rage, there are techniques you can use to stay zen and keep your cool. Bae will be impressed, and your confidence will trump any desperate lady with sights on your guy.



1. Make sure after it happens that you slide into a conversation it bothers you when other girls flirt with your man. Be honest, but don’t lecture him. That can turn an innocent and harmless flirtation into a cause for a huge fight.



2. Don’t respond with jealousy. Being mature about it will impress your man, and automatically make you the bigger person. Visible jealousy leads to cat fights. Talk to your man later, keep your beauty pageant face on to avoid an ugly situation.

3. Start flirting with him right back. He’ll remember how sexy it was when you first started dating and forget all about the innocent flirtation that momentarily stood in your way.



4. Confront her in a low key, calm and respectful way. You’re not angry, you’re just letting her know that she’s not hitting on a single man, so her actions aren’t welcome. Keep it classy when you do this and don’t start a fight.

5. Keep a sense of humor about it. As long as you keep it light, you won’t get too wrapped up in over-analyzing a situation, over-reacting, and even if you are feeling upset or want to talk about something with your beau later, this is a great way to keep it elegant and classy.



6. Respond with confidence. Command power in the situation, but don’t flip out in a childish way. Confidence is naturally intimidating to flirting girls who are looking for validation, and watching you be confident will be a turn on for your guy.



7. An example of this confidence would be to touch his arm, for example. It shows that he’s your man, you’re not afraid to show it, and is a classy gal way of saying, “excuse me but back off, this not single man that is by my side”.

8. Calmly assess the situation first to make sure you’re not misinterpreting the situation. Some people are naturally flirty in their platonic friendliness and a bit aloof.



9. Hand in hand, always double check and remember the facts if you choose to not say anything, and to talk to him about it later. If you get side-tracked by the actions of the annoying, desperate siren, things could get lost in translation between you and your boo.

10. Realize that guys sometimes don’t know how to deal with female attention and even if he feels awkward and doesn’t want to be there, he’s just responding to her in order to be polite.



11. There’s a difference between rude and aggressively confrontational, the latter of which will probably start a reality show inspired fight between you and the girl. If she doesn’t take the hint, and bae feels really uncomfortable, you can be a little rude. But know the boundaries and keep your zen.



12. Leave the situation. Either ask him if he wants to go, or just walk away and do your own thing. This well help diffuse the situation and help you avoid confrontation.

13. Know that whatever man is by your side, if he’s a catch, he’s probably going to get flirted with. But seeing how he handles the situation can build trust, or break it. Pay attention to how he reacts and remember that there will always be sneaky girls coming out of the woodwork – in any scenario. Just keep your chill.



14. Take a moment and see if it bothers you that your man looks at other girls, or is flirtatious in a harmless way, and if it bothers you. If you’re not secure with those things in a relationship, flirtation will always mess with your head. If you need to date a dude that only looks your way, take that into consideration, because you’re hot, and worth way more than any of those flirty bimbos!

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