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The holiday season is upon us and I think it’s time to get festive. I know that wearing a Christmas jumper to work at this point might seem a bit eager, but hey, if you want to, you totally can. Rock that Christmas spirit. But for those of us who aren’t brave enough to go all out with Christmas jumpers, there’s other, more subtle ways to get yourself in the Christmas mood.
Nail art is a good option. It’s subtle enough, in the sense that it’s not the first thing people see. But at the same time, it can be as bright as you want and reflect your holiday mood. Plus, you can change it up as often as you want. Perhaps one day you’d like to have simple, classy red and white nails, and another day you want to have all sorts of reindeers and snowmen on your nails. You can do either one, it’s all up to you.
Here’s a few tutorials that might inspire you:



Sweater Nails
It’s sweater weather, so why not adorn your nails with a cool sweater design?
More info here.



Snowman Nails
Fancy a cute little snowman on your nails? That this is perfect for you.
Full tutorial is available here.

Reindeer Nails
Hipstery and Christmasy – a perfect combo.

Candy Canes
Who doesn’t like candy canes, right?
Original post can be found here.



Accent Nails
A cute accent nail or two can make the whole manicure look so much better.
Original post here.

Penguin Nails
Wintery and adorable, what more could you want?
Step by step tutorial here.

Christmas Doodles
If you’re torn between just rocking cool black nails and doing a Christmas design – this might be the option for you.



Love Hearts
This would work for any season, but red and white are the perfect Christmas colors.
Step by step instructions here.

White and Silver Snowflakes

Subtle yet festive. This is a great option if you don’t like flashy colors.
More info here.

3D Cable Knit
You’ll need some special nail polish for this but it might be worth it. Just look how cool it is!



Holiday Present
Who said you can’t put bows on your nails? You definitely can. See how to do it below.
Original tutorial here.

Christmas Lights
This is the only time of year when it’s totally acceptable to put Christmas lights every. Even on your nails.
Step by step tutorial here.

Glitter Ombre
Quick, easy and classy. A perfect nail design for all.
Detailed tutorial here.



White Chevron
Minimalist, yet perfect for the holiday season.
Original post here.

Cute Polar Bear
Everyone will be jealous of your manicure. I mean have you ever seen anything cuter? It’s a polar bear wearing a scarf.

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