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15 Inspiring Independent Shops And Cafes Worth Travelling For 》

When it comes to travelling most people only think about sightseeing in the usual sense, you know, monuments, churches, museums, plazas, perhaps some themed or world famous restaurants. Some tourists also like shopping when they travel, but they usually limit themselves to big shopping malls, outlets and expensive world famous designer stores. Well today we thought we would introduce you to 15 small independent shops and cafes worth travelling for.



1.Tictail Market, New York
Tictail is a shop in New York that sells products made by independent brands from all over the world. They advertise themselves as a social marketplace and you can buy all sorts of designer clothes, homeware, accessories and other bits and bobs here.



2. Wildernis, Amsterdam
Wildernis is an independent shop/cafe in Amsterdam that is passionate about making Amsterdam greener. They sell everything green from plants, pots and gardening tools to books. You can also purchase pins, posters, calendars and tote bags here, all with adorable greenery themed designs. Plus, Wildernis supports independent Dutch entrepreneurs and often organizes various workshops and presentations on the subject of urban gardening, plants and various other things.



3. Rocket Coffee Bar, Bangkok
If you’re ever in Bangkok you have to visit Rocker Coffee Bar. It’s a millennial’s heaven with their signature Rocket’s Benedict breakfast and delicious coffee. The white hexagon tiles and minimalist wooden design this place is a dream come true for Instagram bloggers and those who just like to spend some time in a cosy and beautiful cafe. They also have an in-house bakery and a nice selection of artisan coffee.

4. Bramble & Wild, Frome
Bramble and Wild are a local florist shop in Frome, Somerset, England. They specialize in creating beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets from local flowers. They pride themselves on using wrapping that is reusable, recyclable or compostable. So if you’re ever in England and in need of a beautiful gift – visit this flower shop, or make an order online.



5. Brandstationen, Stockholm
If you like vintage things you need to visit Brandstationen in Stockholm, Sweden. This independent store sells all manner of vintage things from jewelry to homeware and house decor. The interior of the shop is incredibly cosy and welcoming, and the selection of vintage goods and knick knacks won’t disappoint you.

6. General Store, LA
General store has two locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s a store that sells jewelry, apparel, home goods, apothecary items and even baby toys. They value craftsmanship and design and their store is a perfect place for those who love bohemian style and natural color palette.



7. White’s Mercantile, Nashville
This store is owned by Holly Williams and she describes it as a “general store for the modern-day tastemaker”. It offers a selection of unique items that she found while travelling across the country. The products range from men’s apothecary to clothing and jewelry. There’s also a kitchenware section and something for photography lovers too. It’s quite an eclectic shop and is definitely a must-see if you’re ever in Nashville, Tennessee.



8. House Of Small Wonder, Berlin
Everyone knows that Berlin is the hipster mecca, so if you’re looking for a cosy cafe that also served incredibly delicious food – House of Small Wonders is a great choice for you. They serve delicious dishes made from fresh organic local ingredients and their menu has a lot of dishes with Japanese influences. They also boast a decent selection of homemade baked goods. Basically if you’re looking for a good spot to have some food, with a beautiful and warm interior – this is the place for you.

9. Pigment, San Diego
Located in San Diego, California Pigment is the perfect gift shop we’ve all been waiting for. Not only does it look like every millennial’s dream, but it also has an incredible selection of gifts. Need a succulent? They sell it. Want to buy a rad coffee table book? Pigment is the place to go. In the market for some rad jewelry – they’ve got it. Plus, they often host cool events like watercolor classes and calligraphy workshops.



10. Merchant Modern, Santa Monica
Merchant Modern isn’t just a store, it’s more like a beacon of cultural life in Santa Monica. They specialize in furniture, rugs and other house objects. It’s a very interesting and inspiring space and they also often host arts and culture events.

11. Biscuiteers Boutique and Icing Cafe Notting Hill, London
We’re not exaggerating when we say that Biscuiteers Boutique and Icing Cafe is heaven for those with a sweet tooth. They have delicious and beautiful cupcakes, decadent chocolates and the yummiest biscuits you’ve ever tasted. Not only can you buy all these baked goods, but you can also learn how to make them thanks to the 2 hour baking classes and various icing masterclasses.



12. The Creaky Shed, Greenwich
The Creaky Shed is a lovely store in London that sells fresh organic produce year round. If you’re not a fan of the weekly farmer’s markets, but would rather enjoy to shop on your own schedule The Creaky Shed is your best option. They have a great relationship with local farms, which means they always have the freshest produce. Plus, if you don’t have the time to go into the shop (even though you should, it’s very cute) they have a great delivery system of fruit and vegetable boxes.



13. Monocle Cafe, London
If you love the Monocle magazine, this cafe will be right up your street. They have to locations in Tokyo and London. We highly suggest you visit the one in London if you get a chance. Their interior is impeccable, and their dishes are yummy (curry is a favourite amongst their customers) and decently priced, considering it’s London we’re talking about.

14. Labour and Wait, London
Labour and Wait is a carefully curated store that sells a range of new and vintage products from clothing to hardware. They believe in functional design that will easily fit into modern environment. They also offer a nice selection of stationary, coffee table books and other gift shop items.



15. Saddler & Co., Dubbo
Located in Dubbo, NSW, Australia Saddler and Co. offers an impressive collection leather goods that range from custom saddles to leather accessories such as handbags, belts, wallets, notebook covers, iPhone cases. They also sell abstract paintings and artisan gift boxes in this boutique.

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