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15 Things We Love About Billie Eilish 》

exactly is the enigma known as Billie Eilish? This androgynous and talented
beauty has stolen the hearts of men and women all over the globe, yet she also
carries the current title of Queen of Pop. Alternative pop, but still, it’s
impressive that someone as quirky as Billie has been thrust into the mainstream
world of pop music and is slaying every step of it. We’re still getting to know
Ms. Eilish as a musician, but we know that 2020 is going to be her best year
yet. Here are the reasons you need to get familiar with the Year of Billie.

She’s not just some manufactured pop star, but you probably could have guessed
that. Billie has been writing music since she was 11 years. She started her
career b singing in the Los Angeles Singer’s Choir, which led to her natural
writing talent.

Her first album was released in March 2019/ When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We
Go? Was a #1 album and made Billie the first artist in the 2000s to make #1 in
the states for an album – she beat the same record in the U.K.

Her brother helps her make music. His name is Finneas, and he often writes
music for her, such as “Ocean Eyes” and “Six Feet Under.”. His main goal is to
empathize with Billie and relate to her. “I’m just trying to tell whatever
story she’s trying to tell,” he once said. Aw.

When you think pop star, you think Britney or Normani in a cheerleader’s
outfit. But Billie Eilish is famous for her streetwear style, instead opting
for baggy clothes, tracksuits, and other figure hiding materials. She claims
the choice is because no one can see what’s underneath and judge her for silly
appearance-based judgments.

Her songs have a unique emo vibe, which is part of why two of her songs snagged
a feature on Season 1, and Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why.” We totally get it – we
relive all of our teen angst moments as soon as Billie comes on our headphones.

Even though she dresses like a weirdo, just like any other teenage girl, she’s
been obsessed with J. Biebs since she was 12 years old. In her head, they were
in love too. Now, imagine a world where Justin Bieber ends up with a girl like
Billie Eilish instead of Hailey Baldwin. Ugh, only in our dreams.

Her favorite T.V. show is The Office, and she even sampled bits of an episode
in her track “My Strange Addiction.” Dwight even quizzed her on The Office
trivia in real life for Billboard Music, and she obviously killed the game.

She’s not scared to get a little political. In 2018 she worked with the mayor
of L.A. to get young people to vote. Along with this impressive campaign, she
is also passionate and outspoken regarding abortion laws in the U.S. and how
they need to be changed ASAP. Women’s rights champion and musical genius?
#wifeymaterial much?

Billie Eilish is a mid-December baby, which makes her a Sagittarius. That
explains her natural cool factor and feminist aura – Sagittarius personalities
are known to be both independent and strong-willed, straying from the pack.
Bille has certainly done that.

10. Eilish’s
first single was Ocean Eyes, which skyrocketed her to Soundcloud fame in 206.
The track was written by her brother Finneas who is also a musician. Even with
her newfound exposure, the siblings often still work together.

Although Billie Eilish’s style is inspired by Tyler, The Creator, she has some
surprisingly girly role models such as Avril Lavigne and Lana Del Rey. However,
most of these role models are women that would still fit in the boys club.

Billie’s whole family is very musical, showing where she got that gene from.
Billie’s mom and brother are both songwriters, and her dad plays the ukulele
and piano. We’re still wondering why she even bothers performing with any live
band besides her family.

Do you ever find her Instagram handle confusing? @wherearetheavocados was
originally created as a joke when she was making cheese at age 10, but couldn’t
locate any avocados to go with it. Avocados and grilled cheese is also sheer
proof that Eilish is a genius.

14. It’s
pretty annoying as a woman when people keep telling you to smile, and you feel
obliged to smile back but actually want to strangle them. That’s why Billie
Eilish named her album “Don’t Smile At Me,” A
classic baddie move once again.

She’s a massive horror fan – some of her favorite series and movies include The
Walking Dead, The Babadook, and American Horror Story. The Walking Dead even
inspired her first composition, “Fingers Crossed,” the subject matter of which
was the apocalypse.

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