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3 Words That Describe You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign 》

We often rely on first impressions when we meet new people. It usually happens on a subconscious level and we don’t even notice how in the first few seconds we already know whether we like this person or not, and whether we want to be friends. How do these first impressions form? Do our Zodiac signs influence the way we present ourselves to other people? Astrologists believe that there are behavioral patterns that influence each Zodiac sign. Do you want to know what to expect from yourself on the first date? Here are three-word impressions for each Zodiac sign.



Aries: vibrant, self-assured, impulsive
An Aries woman is lively and full of energy. You immediately notice her when she walks down the street – she practically radiates sunlight! She knows what she wants and when she wants it, but at times can be overly confident and a bit aggressive. She doesn’t like people trying to control her and might explode if someone tries telling her what to do!



Taurus: self-sufficient, faithful, lazy
Taurus is an Earth sign, which means that Taurus women are grounded and truly dependable. They are among the most loyal and caring friends a person can have. While a Taurus woman has a very tender and caring character, she also likes her freedom and can be a persistent go-getter. Taurus women are sometimes viewed as lazy because they don’t like to take action when they are not 100% sure of success. This also means that they like planning a lot and think over all the details.

Gemini: crazy, smart, unpredictable
Can a woman be super smart and still act crazy? She can if she’s Gemini. A Gemini woman is really clever and can talk on various topics showing off her intellectual prowess. She hates boredom – that’s why she’s constantly learning new things. She’s a complex creature that can act calm one moment and absolutely crazy the next, which sometimes makes it hard for people to be around her. But this is what also makes her so mysterious and attractive!



Cancer: gentle, perceptive, caring
Cancer is the ultimate ‘mother sign’ that embodies attentiveness, intuition, and sensitivity. A Cancer woman likes to nurture and take care of everyone around her. She rarely listens to logic and goes with her gut feeling, which usually turns out to be the best choice. She may be perceived as cold, but on the inside Cancer women are very emotional and can be easily hurt.

Leo: flirty, outspoken, self-centered
Leo is definitely the Queen of the Zodiac. A Leo woman is charismatic, fearless, and likes to be as frank as possible. People are attracted to her, which only fuels her ego, making her sometimes too self-centered. Leo women are fun, playful, and can give loads of advice whether you want them to or not. They love attention very much!



Virgo: curious, bad-tempered, practical
A Virgo woman is practical to the extent that she sometimes lacks imagination. She is friendly, sociable, and down to earth. She also has great analytical skills and is not afraid to use them. That’s why she would ask many questions, trying to get to know you better. Virgo women are inquisitive, but can also be irritable when something goes not as planned.

Libra: outgoing, feminine, indecisive
A Libra woman impresses everyone with her femininity and amazing communication skills. People just love being around her! She’s interested in art, fashion and everything with a glitz, but you shouldn’t be fooled by her pretty face – this woman is witty and has a powerful intellect that will surprise you. She is easily inspired, but can also overthink things and be indecisive at times.



Scorpio: enigmatic, attractive, divas
A Scorpio woman is secretive and that makes her incredibly attractive to other people. There’s a mysterious vibe to her, which makes others curious as to what is going on in that mind of hers. Scorpio women are confident and strong, nothing can really shake them. They can also be suspicious and if they think someone is being dishonest with them – they will leave that person without any regrets whatsoever.

Sagittarius: energetic, open-minded, bold
A Sagittarius woman will always listen to what you have to say, no matter what she thinks herself. She is open-minded and has a big heart, which allows her building amazing relationships with people. She is also free-spirited and values her freedom. You will often find a Sagittarius woman traveling the world and meeting new people. She’s an extrovert and likes to be blunt, speaking out whatever is one her mind.



Capricorn: humorous, stubborn, determined
Capricorn women aren’t afraid to be funny and like humor above all other things. They are often sarcastic, which can really get under your skin. Although, once you get to know them, you’ll realize just how hilarious they are. A Capricorn woman is stubborn and can survive the Apocalypse on that stubbornness of hers. This means she will do everything to reach her goals.

Aquarius: contradictory, quirky, compassionate
An Aquarius woman is a walking contradiction. One minute she’s a sociable extrovert ready to share her thoughts with the world, and the other she’s a lone wolf hiding in her secret den. Aquarius women are mysterious and hard to figure out. They are humane and like to engage with other people. An Aquarius woman can have a vibe of a hippie, but underneath that laid back outer layer you will find a complex inner world filled with all kinds of things from magical creatures to movies and philosophy.



Pisces: humble, hyper-sensitive, altruistic
Pisces women are shy and may seem cold the first time you meet them. They are introverts, which means you’ll have to work a bit to get them to open up. Once that happens, you’ll realize just how kind and caring they are. A Pisces woman likes expressing herself through music and art. She’s a sensitive and tender creature, that’s why she can easily get hurt and fall into depression thinking about all the bad things that have ever happened to her.

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